6 Best Social Media Trends for Small Businesses


Do you know the best part about social media? It levels the playing field for everyone. So, no one cares if you are a multi-national corporation or a local business; both hold equal power to harness the audience and their interests.

At this point, I can overhear you saying – “How does that make any sense? The big companies have millions to blow without ever feeling a prick.”

Well, I won’t lie to you. Yes, they have preposterous budgets that seem almost unreasonable. But, here’s the thing, social media is not exhaustive. With a strong social media marketing strategy, aesthetic presentations and controlled campaigns, you can capture your target audience almost as easily as them.

social media trends

To be at the top, you need to play like the ones at the helm do. This starts with finding the right tools like https://www.socialsellingcoach.ai/ that can help you to build up your brand and presence on social networks like Linkedin or Instagram. Social Selling Coach AI can provide marketing tools for analysis and social selling stats that can help you accelerate the relationship-building process, leading to increased sales for your business over the long term. Another thing is banking on the upcoming trends and leveraging their wave to boost your presence on the platform. All of it essentially boils down to giving the customers what they already expect and then upping the ante with something different.

So, to get you started, we have enumerated the six best social media trends that shall be making all the noise you need.

1. End-to-End Personalization

A very common understanding in the marketing world is striking where it hurts. It loosely translates to identifying your customer’s pain points and delivering a comprehensive product or service that acts as a solution. But, everyone is already doing that.

Social media doesn’t just give you the platform to market yourself but also a space to understand what your prospects need and how they need it. Instead of creating a generalized campaign, aim to build a personalized one that targets a specific niche. Platforms like Facebook allow you to drill down on the exact profile of your buyers and then create Lookalike Audiences for the same. With a personalized ad for a selected market segment, you can gain higher ROIs and set up your own niche within it.

2. The Rise of Video Content

If you hire a social media agency London, the first words out of their mouth would be – “Let’s create video content.” I’ll tell you why. As per a survey by Hubspot, about 86% of businesses use video marketing to promote their products already. There is a high reason why every platform is leveraging this trend in the form of Stories, live streaming, Reels, and long-length content.

What you could do is inculcate this into your strategy in a seamless way by creating behind the scenes videos. The catch here is that unlike the other formats, a BTS can be raw and edgy while still seeming true to its tone. Instead of bombing your audience with an incessant flow, think about attaching a small snippet of your products in action every now and then.

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3. Influencer Marketing (With Employees)

Influencer marketing is still a growing concept in the world of social media. As the number of influencers increases, it is getting difficult by the day to gauge who really endorses the products and who are doing it merely for the sake of money. Plus, an influencer with a gigantic following doesn’t come cheap.

For a growing business, the best workaround is helping its employees build a brand on the platforms. They can either talk about your brand or share their own perspective about working with your company. Furthermore, employees talking their brand up is always seen in a positive light. Acting as trusted sources of information, they can create hype around your products by being the people who actually curate it.

4. Customer Service

Every social media channel has a set of your customers and prospects who can influence each other to either give positive reinforcement or ensure a negative one. By turning your social media platform into a customer service initiative, you can create additional two-way communication with your audience at zero cost. Simple but, on-point interactions work wonders for brand recognition and advocacy.

In the current times, customers expect the brands to reply with lightning speed on social media. They often choose social platforms instead of traditional methods. In such a scenario, you may also look into employing chatbots who can multitask without breaking into a sweat. Gone are the days when chatbots were an FAQ system. With technological advancements, they are smarter, quicker, and effective.

5. AR is the Future

Augmented Reality has been hiding in the nicks and corners of social media for a while now. The coming cycle shall see the trend shine in all its glory, completely overturning everything you have learned about customer interactions. But, one thing that shall always matter, clear communication.

There are various tools available on social media platforms through which you can bank on this trend almost immediately. Think Facebook AR Studio, Apple’s Memoji, and Snapchat’s filters. There is a lot to be explored on how these can be twisted and turned to put your products in the best light. So, get creative.

6. Measure the Metrics That Matter

Let me say this once and for all; numbers will never go out of style. After you have done everything you can, the biggest trend is going back and checking it all over again. Track and measure the efficiency of your campaigns, content, and posts. Thanks to the improved reporting structures, now you can dive deep into specific metrics for engagement, CTRs, demographics, and much more.

The point to remember is that you cannot control everything that comes forward. The strategy should be to act on the metrics that bring tangible improvement to your engagement and brand awareness in the long run. Additionally, you can also set benchmarks to mark your performance over time, thus creating a graph for your wins and losses.

Your Turn Now

There are two ways you can go from here. Either be overwhelmed with the idea that there is too much to do or pull up your socks and find a way to get it done. Social media presents the perfect opportunity to gain a valuable list of leads without breaking the bank. To keep the engagement rolling, you need to stay atop the paradigm shifts.

Learn to ride the wave, and you shall be floating in the air soon enough.


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