How to Reach Influencers on Instagram?


Before you go to to buy cheap Instagram likes, you might want to focus first on reaching the right influencers in your target niche.

Instagram influencer marketing has been around for a long time. You probably don’t need me to remind you of that fact.


In fact, you probably already know that there are all sorts of influencers in all sorts of niches. For example, there are tons of Instagram fashion influencers. In fact, if you’ve been doing any kind of Instagram marketing, you might have even been tempted to buy shoutouts from these influencers.

You might want to cool your heels. Seriously. You might want to chill out and take a step back.

Here’s the problem with influencer marketing on Instagram. I hate to say it, but the vast majority of Instagram influencers out there are either fully fake, fully automated, or semi fake. At the end of the day, none of these situations is good.

The sad reality is that there are a lot of people putting up Instagram accounts not because they have something meaningful to say to their audience members. In fact, in many cases, they’re not even looking to attract a highly targeted and highly refined following.

Instead, they just want to play the numbers game. They just want to make it appear that they have a lot of influence because they have a high amount of followers. Then they produce garbage content with all sorts of hashtags that may or may not focus on a certain niche.

The idea behind these accounts, of course, is to get sponsors. So, they sell shoutouts and they post one shoutout after another, and guess what happens? That’s right. The advertisers don’t really get much in return because it turns out that the actual influence of these accounts is close to nonexistent.

This is the wrong way to play the influencer marketing game. The best approach is to attract real influencers. How would you know? How can you tell these accounts apart?

Well, it’s actually pretty straightforward. When you look at the number of followers of an account, you have to also factor in the amount of engagement. So, if people are always commenting and you see that there’s a wide range of people commenting and it’s not always the same account, then there’s a good chance that there is actual engagement in that account.

Real engagement is a good sign. It means that there are real people who really care about the content being put out by this particular account. These people aren’t just chiming in. They’re not just trying to be noticed. This is real engagement.

Now, please understand that I’m talking about real comments. I’m not talking about somebody just posting an emoji. So, if you can see this, then you can approach these people and maybe work on some sort of cobranding, or content sharing, or some sort of creative business development.

Once you can see that there are actual conversions coming from this partnership, then you can take things to the next level. You can pay them good money. You can release a product that has their brand. The possibilities are endless.

But if you really want to do influencer marketing right, you need to get past the noise.


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