Looking for TheWatchseries replacement sites? If yes then you are at the right place. Here we will be sharing some websites like thewatchseries.to which you can use in case the website doesn’t have your desired content. We have tested these sites and they are working fine. So without wasting more time, let’s move forward to the article.

The twenty-first century is the era of metros, fast food, clubs and everything that you can relate to the speed of lightning, so our entrainment became fast as well. Ditching the long, tedious and melodramatic daily soaps behind this era is leveled up to a different form of entertainment altogether.

In the era of digitalization where most of the millennial source of entertainment is online, there is always the hunt for a better online platform. Most of them are being paid, there is a scratch for good free platform to watch movies online.

Every movie lover guilty pleasure online site is TheWatchSeries. It is one of the coolest platforms to watch movies, I’ll tell you why, because firstly it’s free, you can download the movies, watch and stream high-quality movies and the cherry on the cake is that movies are categorized in a genre which makes it a lot easy to understand and navigate.

It even has the latest web series like Game of Thrones. I guess now we all know where to stream our favorite shows. Also, have a look at Best Anime Websites to Watch Your Favorite Anime Series

thewatchseries alternative

5 Best Websites like TheWatchSeries 2018

There are few similar online platforms like TheWatchSeries, the following five are the best alternatives of TheWatchSeries.

#1. Putlockers2


Putlockers2, when you’ll go ahead and type putlocker2.com on your browsers you’ll find an amazing website with the latest movies and a sorted interface. There is no hassle of downloading movies and you can watch it right away. There are plethora of options and varied categories. From an Avenger’s fan to a 50 shades fan will find it like home on this website. All you have to do is make a choice and start streaming and you’ll be in for the entertainment. Check out TVMC which is the best alternative of Kodi.

#2. Newmoviesonline


Moving on, there is no dearth of options when it comes to watching movies online the next is Newmoviesonline providing with more or less same features as TheWatchSeries, Newmoviesonline gives you a lot of options and is totally free of cost. I has all your favorite movies and gives you options for the different genre too. It has all that a movie lover can ask for. Thanks to all such amazing online platform finding your favorite movie online is not a genie’s work anymore.

#3. Vumoo


Coming in line is another online streaming device, Vumoo. It is most aesthetically pleasing website amongst the all giving you diverse option of the movies. It has a unique feature where it showcase which are the top movies, so now you know what to watch to become the know-it-all of your group. It is the friendliest site and one should definitely check it out. Maybe the movie that you’d be finding for days you’ll find over here. (It even has Hindi movies, Sanju).

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#4. Rainerland


Rainerland, it is one those that tops the list. Where all the websites end of looking more or less like TheWatchSeries, it stands out. Rainerland has some of the trending movies along with that it also gives a short write-up of the whereabouts of the movie so it helps you to decide. The site also have IMDb rating which is its unique feature. Along with dividing movies into sub categories it also divides movies in latest and popular category.

#5. 123movies


Last but definitely not the least, the 123movies, to summarize this short and quick I’d say with 123movies you’d get a Netflix feel for free. The interface is like Netflix and it has all the top movies, streaming it in HD. Last I checked their top ones were deadpool2, Avenger’s: infinity war. There is no reason for a delay, these sites should be checked right away.


Hopefully you have got these alternatives helpful in case thewatchseries.to website doesn’t work on your side. Well, due to privacy issues, this website has been blocked by the government for some regions. Still, you can access the website using a proxy or the VPNs such as Turbo VPN for PC or Smartphone.

The busy life has robbed us of entertainment but there is always a rescue, online movie watching is one such rescue. Online platforms has been a blessing for the millennial. Our busy lifestyle has robbed us of entertainment but online movies emerged as life saver because you can always sneak your favorite movie online in office. It’s handy, so metro rides are fun now. On top of that we were already done with the crappy television and we don’t want to see the same boring television shows again and again. All these alternatives are as good as TheWatchSeries and one should really go ahead and try them.


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