Xossip: Best Working Alternative Forums of 2024


Xossip was a platform where users share photos, and videos, and can do chat and discussion. But it was banned due to some reasons. So today in this article, we will discuss all the things about Xossip.

Xossip was a famous platform where users discuss, and send photos and videos to each other. This was the perfect platform for those who have a habit of gossiping. There were no restrictions on anything about what you are chatting and sharing with other users. Xossip was getting millions of views in a month and had a very great network that was working still after lacs of people at a time.


This forum was accessible all over the world but mainly it is used by the Indians. To start chatting in Xossip, you need to create an account to take part in the discussion. Users were sharing adult content with others, and as time was going the adult content was increasing on this forum. Just because of this, many users felt curiosity and left the platform. Many other people tried to ban this website and at one time DMCA filed a complaint against Xossip to the Indian government to block their domain. After some time, Xossip was closed down.

Why Xossip was Banned?

Many people are asking this question Why Gossip has been banned? Now the answer is that there was a lot of adult content on the website and it was increasing day by day. The government was doing a ban on all the sites which has adult content. At one time, the Government had banned the website but the act of government was strongly criticized and results, the government have to remove that ban.

Many people are unknown about the actual reason for banning the website. The actual reason was that the owner of that forum was unable to manage and have to face an issue of lack of funds. The owner of the Xossip doesn’t want to disturb their users with ads that’s why they have not planned for the revenue model. That website was running for many years just because of donations. Later the owner was not able to pay high hosting and server bills. As a result, the website was shut down completely. Also, read What is Rabb.it and What happened to the platform?

Alternatives of Xossip

Now we will tell you the best alternatives of Xossip, through which the users can again enjoy that experience.

1. Xossipy


Xossipy is similar to Xossip and there are a lot of active users on this forum to make this website alive. The admin of this website is receiving such a good amount to manage and run the website. Users need to register on this forum website to enjoy their services. As we know, this is a new panel and the admin has a full focus to run it properly and don’t make the website down. The interface of this website is quite different from all other forum websites. The admin is providing an ad-free environment to its users for better service. This forum is getting more than $500 to keep the website alive.

2. XForum


After getting the Xossip forum down, XForum is the first choice of users. The interface of this forum is quite friendly and provides proper speed to its users. The optimization of this website is amazing and that’s why this is the first choice of users. You can create an account free on this platform but you have to face an issue of ads. The ads are limited to paid users or who have a registered account. You will get mostly adult content on this platform and the forum is fully dependent on ads to meet their expenses. This is the perfect alternative for Xossip for new users.

3. Xossipz


Xossipz is also a great alternative to Xossip, it offers you hassle-free registration. Its interface is quite similar to Xossip and they have tried all the things to make their website similar to Xossip and they are successful till now. Here you have to create an account to see all the posts, photos, and videos. The main benefit you will see with Xossipz is that you will get fewer ads as compared to other forum websites. So all over, you can enjoy a good experience on this platform.

So these are the best alternatives to Xossip. If you are addicted to the forum, then you should try all these other forum websites and can take a final decision after proper analysis.

How to get access to Xossip Forum?

As we have already told you that Xossip was closed down and no one can able to get back on that website again. The admin cannot do anything, so if you want to access again the Xossip website, unfortunately, you cannot do anything. Also, check out the Rabb.it alternatives to watching videos online.

But you can do one thing, if you want the whole content which was shared before on Xossip, you can get that content. There is a tool named Wayback Machine, this tool will help you to get all the previous content. If you want the previous content, then you have to follow these steps. Here are the steps which you have to follow to get all the previous content.

  • First, you have to go to the official website of the Wayback Machine.
  • At the homepage, you will see a URL box where you have to enter the website address i.e xossip.com

xossip wayback

  • Then you have to press Enter and have to wait for a few seconds till the new page opens.
  • Now you have to add the year from when you need the content of the Xossip forum.
  • Then press enter and the page will load and it will show you the previous content.

This is the way from which you can get all the previous content of the forum. You can get all content of any other website also. The main benefit of this tool is that it is completely free and you can use it anytime without any restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are dropping some questions below related to the Xossip, from where you can get your answers. Still, if you have any queries then you can ask us in the comment section.

1. What happened to Xossip?

Ans. Xossip was first banned due to its adult content but after so many requests of its users, the government removed the ban from Xossip. Xossip had faced an issue of lack of funds and was unable to pay hosting fees and high bills for servers. That’s why the admin has to shut down the website.

2. Can we able to enjoy Xossip services?

Ans. No, the website is shut down and you cannot enjoy the services of Xossip. But no worries, you can enjoy these services with their alternatives. You will get all the content before like Xossip on these other platforms. The alternatives are XForum, Xossipz, and Xossipy.

3. When the website goes down?

Ans. The website was down on 3rd November 2018.

4. Why is Xossip not working?

Ans. Xossip is not working because the website shuts down. All of their active users go to their alternative platforms.

5. How to unblock the alternatives?

Ans. As we have seen, some websites don’t support it in our country. So to unblock the alternatives for Xossip, you have to use VPN ( Virtual Private Network) to get access to Xossip alternatives.


So this is everything about Xossip. Still, if you want to enjoy the forum website services then you should try their alternatives earlier. The government can also ban its alternatives because of the adult content shown on the website.


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