5 Time-Tested App Design Trends in 2024


Which trends are the most useful when it comes to app design? Which is a good app design practice? In this article, there are 5 time-tested app design trends that became fundamental for app designers. These features have been shaping the outlook of mobile applications for over 3 years.

The Time-Saving Design

Without a doubt, this tendency is the most important one in mobile app design. When a person takes a smartphone, he or she wants to solve some task. The amount of time spent to complete it influences the perception of a service and forms relations between the user and the provider. Clients want to use products helping them solve all the tasks as quickly as possible. 

Neutral Interfaces and Content-Oriented Experience 

Designers massively try to reduce the complexity of the app by making its interface almost invisible. There exists a popular “Zero UI” trend. Its point is that the attention of the user concentrates on the contend while decorative elements fade away. Content-first layouts let users consume contents without any distractive factors bothering them.

Path Simplification

When the mobile app makes the user go through multiple unnecessary steps before it finally allows them performing the required action, it is annoying. We mean, it irritates people a lot. 

Speed and simplicity are two mobile app design pillars. It is important not only to give users a step-by-step flow helping them complete the required action, but also to minimize steps they’d need to make during the process. 

Phased Info Presentation

Modern mobile apps and websites became really complex products keeping big volumes of information and multiple functions inside. When users see all that data and buttons at once, they risk getting lost and sinking in it pretty quickly. 

To overcome that problem, designers most frequently present the information step-by-step, in smaller portions or phases. The user sees the information or performs the action only when it is really required. 

Multichannel Apps 

People don’t use “isolated” applications anymore. Many services interact with different platforms, devices and channels nowadays. Designers should think about the user experience as a whole. The final goal is to create the product that is comfortable all the way through the user’s interaction with it. It is critical to allow the client switching to another device without losing the opportunity to use the product.


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