How Social Media Builds Gaming Communities?


The days of thinking of gamers as loners shut away from the world and playing for hours are long past. It has become a social event, with many opportunities to meet and interact. One place they gather is on social media. While social media can get a bad rap for taking away from in-person interactions, it can be an asset when building a sense of community. As the demographics of video gaming expands, the desire to connect with others of similar age, interests and economic status does as well. Niche social media pages for women, for those on a budget, and for competitive eSports players continue to evolve.

social media for gaming

Learn by Observing

Social media platforms such as Twitch and YouTube allow gamers to watch others play. This may not seem like everyone’s idea of a good time but it provides a great deal of enjoyment and information for enthusiasts. Few streamers like Sweet Anita might give you some idea on who you want to be. Watching others play provides valuable information. Whether someone is looking for ways to advance their play or is thinking of making a particular purchase, watching others is a great way to learn.

Watching to learn is not the only reason the activity has an audience. Livestreams of major eSports competitions are common and growing in popularity. Electronic sports live streaming has created esports followers just like traditional sports, such as basketball and football, and all the hype, sponsors, and advertising surrounding it.

Shop Smart

Gaming can be as affordable or expensive as you want it to be. Conducting a little research before making a purchase is a great way to make your money go further. Getting online to visit social media pages allows you to read reviews for new games, hardware, and accessories such as monitors. There are so many choices available that it can be overwhelming. Seeing what others use and like is one way to narrow down your choices.

The interactive nature of social media allows for discussion back and forth about what people like and dislike about particular purchases in a way that reading reviews do not. Following the official social media pages of your favourite games and consoles allows you to stay up to date on the news related to your hobby, be notified of upcoming sales and discounts, and provide feedback to the company about things you like and dislike about new features and updates.

Build and Create Communities

The selling point of most social media is its ability to build a community. Joining groups related to your preferred console, your favourite game or even niches within the industry, such as building a specialized computer, allow you to meet others with the same interests. This community is valuable when you want information on the latest releases or are looking for hints on levelling up. You can also easily build your community of like-minded gamers. Starting your own social media page is free and simple.

You can invite people you know through gaming or leave it open for others to find. Creating and moderating social media related to your hobby allows you to foster the type of community you want and provide that service to others. Whether you want to focus on a particular game, provide tutorials for others, or host virtual competitions, you are sure to find many other people who share your interests.


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