The Most Expensive Knife Skin in CS:GO — Karambit | Fade


Good knives in CS:GO are a rarity, so users always follow them closely. One of the brightest examples is Karambit | Fade.

Which Skin is This?

The Fade skin has one of the highest prices among Karambit knife skins. On this skin, the chrome-plated blade has been spray-painted in translucent colors of gray, orange, pink, and purple respectively, which smoothly blend into each other towards the tip. The handle and the ring behind the knife’s handle are not painted at all.

Karambit Fade

Now, a little about the difference in exteriors. This skin has only two: Factory New and Minimal Wear. The difference is not very significant but there is a variation in price.

The price of a Factory New knife is $1,250–$2,000; for Minimal Wear it is $1,300. Also, check out How to Fix or Repair a Bow in Minecraft?

What Affects the Cost of a Knife?

The first thing that affects the knife is its popularity. Thousands of players are in search of a knife in good condition and it is desirable to find a rare skin. Another important reason is the difficulty of getting the weapon out of the case.

Many users love knives because they can be twisted in the hand. But you need to remember that you need to use knives in special cases. Moreover, if the skin is rare, it can be competently saved and sold. Buyers are constantly in search of rare weapon options, so you need to be careful with your skins.

The Fade skin is one of the most expensive Karambit knife skins. Also, check out Free Fortnite Accounts Email and Password 

The knife helps to earn money in special fights. And if we talk about exclusive skins, such as Fade, then you can also earn money by selling a knife. At the same time, it will not be virtual or toy money, but real cash which can later be withdrawn using convenient payment means.


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