5 Best Websites to Read One Punchman Comic in 2024


One Punch Man is a Japanese superhero Webcomic that started published in 2009 by ONE. In June 2012, it has crossed over 7.9 million hits. It explains a powerful hero named Saitama who was bored with his absence of challenges in the fight against evil. Do you want to read this webcomic but don’t know any source from where to get it? Don,t worry, In this provide we will provide the best websites to read one Punchman Comic for free.

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Best Websites to Read One Punch Man Comic in 2024

This comic went viral quickly after its publication and crossed millions of hits. Now, most people are looking for different sources to read this webcomic online. So, In this post, we will be sharing the websites from where you can easily find and read One Punch Man Webcomic online. You may also like Anime Sites where you can watch your favorite anime series.

#1. Manga Panda

manga panda one punch man

This is the first website in our listing from where you can find your favorite One Punch Manga for free. This site has a simple user interface where you can easily find your desired content. The design of this website is not so impressive but who cares about the look? Although, most of the Manga sites are poorly designed. This website has no resizing, alternate chapters, and no watermark in the pages. That’s why people prefer reading comics on this website. It has a fast loading speed and you can find other Manga too on this website.

#2. Manga Fox

manga fox

Another site where you can read the One Punch Man comics series is Manga Fox. This platform allows you to download several types of Manga for free. You can read the whole One Punch Man series properly without any interruptions. Many users reported that this website contains a lot of irritating ads and popups. I have also got too many advertisements on this website. So, you can check any other website if you don’t like annoying ads. The content on this website is regularly updated and you can find the ratings & reviews of the Comics available on this website.

#3. Viz

viz one punch man

Viz is like an official platform where you can find and read your desired comics including One Punch Man. If you are looking for an official source to read your favorite comics, this site is perfect for you. You don’t need to worry about anything as you will get the original content on this website. In this you, you are supporting the One Punch Man franchise if you are reading the comic from this website. You will get high-quality content on this website, but let me tell you that you need to pay for reading One Punch Man from this website.

#4. Watchopm

watch one punch man

Watchopm is another best platform where you can read One Punch Man webcomic. You can browse this site rapidly and get your desired comic for free. It doesn’t contain irritating advertisements which makes your browsing smoother. The most common issue found on this website is translation errors present in the comic. Well, if you don’t feel comfortable reading the comic from this website, you can check out the other sites which we have mentioned in this post. Also, check out http://192.168.l.254

#5.¬†Jaimini’s Box

jaiminis box

Jaimini’s Box is another great website to read your favorite One Punch Man comic. The interface of this website is quite simple and clean. You can find all the episodes of the comic in high quality without missing any part. The best thing about the site is that you can download the whole comic to your computer for offline reading. All the episodes of the comics are sorted properly so that you can easily read your favorite comics without interruption. So, enjoy One Punch Man by quickly referring to Jaimini’s Box manga site.


These were our collection of websites to read One Punch Man comic in 2024 for free. Although, there are a lot of websites available where we can read this webcomic. But, I have listed the websites which contain all the episodes and which don’t contain the annoying ads. If you know more sites where we can read One Punch Man, please share them with us in the comments.


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