5 Best Sites Like Hello Comic | Hello Comic Alternatives 2022


If you love reading web comics probably you are already familiar with Hello Comic. It is one of the most popular sites where you can read your favourite comics. In case, the site is not working at any time or you are not getting any comic that you actually want, you look for the sites like Hello Comic. So, In this article, we are going to discuss the same. I have collected a few sites which works the same as this website and you can use them to read your favourite comic for free.

People who love reading comics doesn’t mean that they are nerds. A person having different interests enjoy reading comic books. The best thing about them is that we can read them freely from the various platforms which are available online. One such platform is Hello Comic. More than one thousand comic publications can be availed through this website. But you know what people always look for an alternate option.

hello comic alternatives

Best Sites like Hello Comic 2022

I have found some sites which works same and they also have a big library of comics. On these sites, you can find famous comics like One Punch Man, Ghost World, X-Men, Batman and stories of many other popular super heroes. I just recommend you to check each sites which are listed below.

1. View Comic

view comic

This is the first Hello Comic Alternative website in our list which you can relate with the Hello Comics. The contents found on this site are in good quality. The design of the website is quite impressive and clean. All the contents of are displayed one the homepage of the site with their thumbnails.  The site doesn’t contains the annoying ads which I loved the most about this website. Viewcomic.com comes frequently with new collection and the site updated every week. So, you can expect the new comic books every weekend on this website. 🙂

2. DC Kids

dc kids hello comic

Kids enjoy reading comic books more than others. So, it is the best Kid-friendly site where a large number of comics are available. Here, you can find various graphic stories and novels which are specially created for Kids. Some of the famous comics are available on this site are Wonder Women, Batman, Superman etc. It also has downloading feature which allows users to download their favourite content from this website. You can also watch videos, play games on this website.

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3. Digital Comic Museum

digital comics museum

This is also one of the best Hello Comic Alternative. It is true what you got from its name, it’s a museum of most popular comics. It allows you to download various comic books for free so that you can read them offline. You need to register on this website in order to access your desired content. If we talk about its design, it looks quite boring. But, you know who cares about the look. It has a huge collection of famous comic series.

4. ElfQuest


This is another great platform where we can read our favourite comic books. They have around thousand of comics which are available for free-reading. You can also find vintage art and graphic novels from this site. I specially loved the design of this site, it’s colourful and look amazing. You must give a try to this site if you are true lover of reading comics. It is the another one from the best sites like Hello Comic.

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5. Marvel

marvel comics

If you are fond of watching Hollywood movies you are surely familiar with Marvel. They have published so many popular comic series like Avengers, Spider man, Dead pool, Thor, Captain America, Iron man and so on. These characters are very popular among the people. Well, you can easily read their stories from the Marvel.com website. The best feature of this site is that it allows you to save 12 comics which you can read later.


Hello Comic is the favourite place to read comics for many people. But, I have shared the Hello Comic Alternatives with you just because some of your desired may not available on this site. So that you can get from any of these listed sites. I have shared only 5 websites as I think they are sufficient. Well, if you know any better sites that the mentioned, you can tell us in the comments.


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