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Do you love playing games on your Android smartphone? I hope your answer is yes if you have landed on this page. Today, I will show you the Game Guardian Apk Free Download using which you can hack coins and scores on various Android games. As a gamer, while playing you may have desired to add some extra and cool tweaks. This tool is one of the best game hackers which can help you to customize several games. You can hack as many games as you want. You can also make a lot of customizations with the Game Guardian App.

Most of the games want to score higher in the games while some of them become able to do so. If you are also one of those and want to score more just to show your friends, this tool can help you out. With the help of this hacking tool, you’ll be able to increase the scores, coins of different games on your Android smartphone. You can also jump to the next level without playing the previous level of the game. These features make the app popular among the game lovers.

Game Guardian for Android is quite simple and easy to use. Within a few clicks, you can change the values of games as well as modify their built files. Due to privacy violations, you can not find this application in the Google Play Store. But, you can easily download the app from the link provided in this article. You will also know how to use the Game Guardian App to hack several Android games.


What is Game Guardian Apk?

We have already discussed this application above. This app can be used as a game hacking tool that works for many games. What the app does is just change the values and other content from the built files of any particular app that you want to hack. This app can be used to customize the game, change the values like scores, coins etc. of an Android game. You may also like Pokevision Alternatives which we have shared in our earlier post.

The Game Guardian App comes with amazing features that make very easy to hack any game. This hacking app is built by a community of hackers and programmers who made easy to hack any games on Android smartphone. You can hack as many coins, gems, points and other values you want to add on any particular game. Also, check out TVMC which is the best Kodi alternative.

Game Guardian Apk 2020
Game Guardian Apk 2024

Some Android games provide us with some limited features. The user needs to pay some amount to buy and unlock the so-called premium features of the games. However, some applications provide free in-app purchases. Game Guardian is also one of them and using this app you can unlock the Pro features of any Android game without purchasing from Google Play.

Game Guardian Latest Version APK Download 2024

Most people couldn’t find the original Game Guardian application. In case, you are also searching for the link to download the app then you are in the right place. We will provide you with the working link to download Game Guardian directly. Just click on the link mentioned below to start downloading the application.

You must have a rooted Android device to run the Game Guardian. This app needs root permissions to make modifications to any Android application. So, before moving towards the steps please ensure that you have root access enabled on your smartphone. As you are going to change/modify the system files of the games, you must have root permissions to perform the task.

How to Install the Game Guardian App On Android?

It’s very easy to install the application on your Android smartphone. You don’t need knowledge of hacking to install this app. The steps are just the same as other apk which you install on your phone.

  • First of all download the Game Guardian Latest APK on your Android phone. The link to download this application is already given above.
  • Now, open the downloads folder and open the Apk file to begin the installation.
  • If you get a warning regarding Installation Blocked, just click on the Settings and mark check on the “Unknown Sources” from there. This will enable the third party installation on your phone.

allow unknown sources

  • Tap on the Install option and wait for some till it completes installing process.

install game guardian

  • Once it finishes processing, you can launch the application by clicking on the ‘Open’ option.

That’s all. You have now successfully installed the application on your phone. Let’s have a look at the steps to use Game Guardian to hack any game on your Android device.

How to use Game Guardian App?

After installing the application, you must also know how to operate the application, Right? Well, as it seems with its work, it is not too much difficult to use. You don’t need any type of coding or programming to hack any game. Let’s see below how to use this application without any professional skills.

  • Launch the Game Guardian Application from the Apps Drawer. The app will ask for the root access, allow the root permissions.

game guardian no root

  • Press the home button to minimize the application. After that, open the application which you want to hack.
  • You can see a Game Guardian icon at the top of the screen. Tap on the icon and then tap on the search button.
  • Now, set the value which you want. If you don’t have the much knowledge of values, you can set the options as Auto. This will automatically set an appropriate value for the game.

gamehacker tool 2018

  • Now, search for the values like points, gems, coins, scores etc. which you want to change. You can increase or decrease the number from there. Also, you can change the number of credits which is used for in-app purchase using the same option,
  • At last, you have to select and change all the values to 999999 or any other which you want to change.

gameguardian apk

That’s it. You have now changed the values and hacked game using the Game Guardian Application on your Android smartphone. May be this tool doesn’t work for some special games. Especially, the games which works using the Internet are unsupported to this application.

Final Words

So, this is how you can hack games on your Android smartphone very easily with the help of this tool. Game Guardian App is a simple tool that I have found for hacking games. However, there are some other tools also available like SB Game Hacker and Lucky Patcher which you can give a try. Well, I hope you enjoyed the Game Guardian Apk and this guide worked for you. If you have any type of issue while doing this task, you can drop a comment below.


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