5 Best Workout Timer Apps For Android in 2024


Looking for the best timer apps for Android? If yes, then I am here to help you out. Timer apps are pretty useful, and there is no doubt about that. Like if you want to workout, a Workout Timer can be useful for you.  As well as there are quite a lot of ways that you can use a timer app.

But whenever it comes to the best workout timer apps for Android, there are way too many options available. And choosing the best one among them can be a difficult task. However, to make it easy for you, I am going to name the 5 Best Timer Apps For Android. So here we go:

best timer apps
Best Timer Apps 2022

5 Best Timer Apps For Android 2022

1. Timer Plus

 Timer plus is one of the best Interval Timer app that you can use. This one is a perfect option for the HIIT Circuit and Tabata Workouts. Also, the app is easy to use a special app for high-intensity interval tanning.

timer plus

The app has the ability to display the number and duration of rounds and cycles. Along with that, you will be getting an interval stopwatch. Also, the best part is that the timer works in the background mode too.

Along with the app, you will be getting an informative screen flash. Also, you will be able to create an infinite number of timers, save them in the history of workouts.

Timer Plus – Trainings-Timer
Timer Plus – Trainings-Timer
Developer: VGFIT LLC
Price: Free

Also, it offers you voice guidance. And you can use the app while training at home, at the gym, boxing, MMA, Bodyweight exercises, or other fitness activities.

2. Goodtime

If you want to stay focused, then Goodtime is the best app that you can try out. The app is designed to keep you focused and free of distractions.

goodtime best timer apps

Also, with the help of this app, you will easily be able to alternate between focused work sessions and short breaks. And overall, you will be able to improve your time management.

The app also features lots of amazing features. And the best part of it is that it does not have any ads. Also, it does not track your personal data.

The app is completely open-source. So you can download it for free. Also, the app is pretty lightweight, and it is only 2MB in size. As well as you will be getting a bunch of other features.

Pomodoro Timer: Goodtime
Pomodoro Timer: Goodtime
Developer: Goodtime
Price: Free

3. Visual Timer

Up next, I have the Visual Timer. This is also one of the best timer apps for Android. With the help of this app, you will easily be able to set up a timer at a single time. Also, the visual representation of the time enables a quick perception of the current state.

visual workout timer apps

The app also helps you to improve your productivity and helps you to keep tasks and meetings scheduled and managed. You may also like Best Games Under 1 MB For Android

Setting up the app is also extremely easy. Thanks to the quick setup. You will also be able to add your own presets for timers and configure and adapt alarm settings according to your needs.

What’s more? Using this app you will easily be able to manage common tasks in your daily life. Also, you can download the app free of cost.

4. Interval Timer

Up next, I have the Interval Timer. This is one of the easiest to use app that you can try out. It comes with full-screen color coding. As a result, you will be getting a minimalistic interface glanceable from afar.

interval timer apps

As well as the app is suitable for all kinds of activities. Like you can use it as a Boxing round timer, Calisthenics circuit time, Circuit training, HIIT training, and Tabata.

The app is also free to download, and the best part is that it is pretty lightweight. The app is only about 3.3 MB in size.

Interval Timer
Interval Timer
Developer: dreamspark
Price: Free

5. Brain Focus Productivity Timer

In the end, I have the Brain Focus Productivity Timer. This one is basically a time management app that helps you to get done with your work. With the help of this app, you will easily be able to start a work session and perform different tasks.

best timer apps for android

Also, the app helps you to track your tasks time by time. You can also configure different settings per task. Plus, you can group tasks by category. Don’t forget to check out best games like summertime saga

 Also, you are getting multiple features like Pause and resume sessions, Disable WI-FI and Sound during the work session, Add time if needed to a work session,  Skip a break or the end of a session, and so on. The app is available as a free and paid version.

Brain Focus Productivity Timer
Brain Focus Productivity Timer

Final Words:

So those were the 5 Best Timer Apps For Android. Each of these apps comes with its own features and pros and cons. So go ahead and check these workout timer apps out and see which one you like the most.


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