10 Best Ebook Torrent Sites in 2024


Are you an ebook reader and you also did not have money for buying ebooks? Don’t worry we have a fix to your problem and it is called torrents. In this article, we are going to share some of the best Ebook torrent sites that can be used to download your favorite ebooks.

Torrent is the method to distribute data without relying on a single server. This not only increases the speed of download but also provides you with some content that is not free on the internet. You can download anything with a torrent like movies, games, software, and ebooks. All you have to do is to download a torrent of the ebook you need to download and open it in torrent downloader, it will automatically start the download.

best ebook torrent sites
Best Ebook Torrent Sites in 2024

Why need of ebook torrent?

We are living in 2024 where almost everything we need is on our phones, so as books. Nowadays we do not want to carry heavy books with us and because of that ebooks are made so that we can access our books anytime on the internet. But sometimes, we can’t afford the ebook or the download server is too slow so we use torrent to get it fast and free. Ebooks torrents can be downloaded from various sites. Below we are listing the 10 best ebook torrenting sites.

Best ebook Torrent Sites in 2024

Here is a list of 10 websites that you can use to download ebooks. Using these Ebook Torrent Sites you can download your favorite ebooks for free. So here we go:

1. Extratorrents

Extratorrent is the top famous torrent site. It plays the role of best out of all sites for many countries. You can download torrents of ebooks for free on this site with all the information of seeders, peers, and size on the single line. The user interface of this site is clean and easy to use. On the homepage, users will get torrents according to the categories like movies, games, ebooks, etc.


Ebooks torrents are categorized in different categories like fantasy, life stories, education, and many more. This website has become the second-largest torrent site in November 2016.

2. The Pirate Bay

the pirate bay

Pirate Bay doesn’t need an introduction, but I guess some of you are new to the world of torrents so I’ll introduce. The Pirate Bay is the world’s largest torrenting site. The website ranks on #1 in torrent sites. You can find almost any torrent on this website. The website allows users to view, download, or contribute torrents and magnetic links of any category. Pirates Bay has been banned much time but it has different proxy sites that help users to access the main site and download the torrents. Here users can download any torrent for free. The website also shares different ebooks torrents to download almost every reading stuff here.

3. Kickass Torrents


Kickass torrents, also known as KAT is an ebook torrenting site which was found in 2008 and has a big directory of torrents files with magnet links for various kind of data’s and also facilitates peer to peer file sharing. In 2014 the site has become the most visited site overtaking The Pirate Bay. Users can download ebooks torrents, games torrents, movies, web series torrents, and many more from this website. If the site doesn’t work properly, try out the KickAss Proxy

4. Torrentz


Torrentz is a Finland based website that has different sources to download ebooks torrents, entertainment torrents, and many more. The website has been the most visited torrent site for the years 2012 and 2015. The website has special features for ebooks lovers. It has a page where you can find different links to download different categories of ebooks torrents. The UI of this site is simple and elegant. On the homepage, users will see a list of latest torrents available on the website related to various categories like ebooks, TV series, and many more.

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5. FreeBookSpot


As the name suggests, FreeBookSpot is one of the best eBook torrent sites and this site is totally for eBooks.

On the homepage, users can see a list of books categorized based on the best of the week and there are categories available to download torrents. Users can download any torrent for free by selecting any category. For accessing the content there is no need to register an account. You can also share your books and others can rate your book where it is good or not.

6. 1337X

1337x Proxy
1337x Proxy 2022

1337X is an amazing website for download ebooks torrents. The website has torrents categorized in various categories like ebooks torrents, movie torrents, games torrents, and many more. The website also has a category of the best way which helps you to find the best-rated ebooks and has a menu link and the same for other categories. Anyways, if the site doesn’t work for you, try out these 1337x Proxy Sites.

7. Torrent Downloads

ebook torrent sites

Torrent Downloads is the same as the above websites, you can download various types of ebooks torrents, entertainment torrents, and much more. There are various ebooks torrents categories available on this website like crime, horror, thriller, romance, and much more. The user interface of this website is clean and decent and has arranged all the torrents based on various categories like movies, books, TV shows, and much more. In the books section, there are three categories available on this website- Audiobooks, eBooks, and magazines.

8. LimeTorrents


LimeTorrents is a famous site for downloading torrents. The site is good for downloading ebooks torrents as well as various others like movies and games torrents, TV shows torrents and many more. The website has a special place for ebooks where users can find ebooks categorized according to their genre. LimeTorrent is a public directory to download any torrent including ebooks and also has a one-click download feature. Also, check out the limetorrents proxy to use this ebook torrent site without restriction.

9. YourBitTorrent


This website was founded in 2003 and provides the best service to users for downloading free torrents of various categories like ebooks, movies, games, and many more. This website is best for downloading ebooks because it provides different links to download torrents more safely. Once users click on the ebooks category, the users can find a list of different ebooks torrents available and when clicked on a torrent users will get a direct link to download it.

10. Bitport

ebook torrenting site

Bitport one of the best ebook torrent sites where you can get all your favorite ebooks, songs, movies, games, and many more torrents free to download. This website is sort of a new website but doesn’t worry it has a good enough database to crave your hunger for ebooks.


Ebooks are very useful these days but due to some reasons, everyone can’t access them so for that, above we have listed the top 10 best ebooks torrenting website so that everyone can enjoy their ebooks. Each website listed above is free to use so please don’t provide them with any useful or personal information or yours. Now that we have done our job, now it’s your turn to check and find which one suits you the best.


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