5 Best Hamachi Alternatives for Virtual LAN Gaming


Today, We will be sharing the Hamachi Alternatives 2019 throughout the article. With everything coming to innovation and change, the gaming world is also taking the leap. There are many PC games that are designed for multiplayer, it provides us the feature to connect through LAN and omit the usage of internet. But this thing has some restrictions, if your friend is away one has to hook up to internet. Although there is a possibility of creating own LAN servers but that requires time. There is a rescue from all this and it is called virtual LAN creators. Hamachi is the first word that comes to our minds when we hear of virtual LAN creators.

Hamachi is one type of virtual LAN creating tool and is pretty well known. Virtual LAN creator creates private virtual network by which users are able to play multiplayer games even when offline. It is one of the best tools for gaming although it has some drawbacks, like on a free account the maximum number of participants can be five and that includes the host too. On top of that the users have been experiencing pauses and inactivity that spoils the gaming mood.

Hamachi Alternatives 2018
Hamachi Alternatives 2019

5 Best Hamachi Alternatives for Virtual LAN Gaming

There are some effective alternative to Hamachi now, read ahead to learn about the five best alternatives.

#1. ZeroTier

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ZeroTier might be less known for now but it is certainly the best Hamachi substitute that is creating virtual LAN networks. Almost every operating system supports it like Windows, MacOS, iOS and android. What makes it more amazing is that comes everywhere and is free. It is very user friendly and it doesn’t require any port forwarding. Zerotier is of the sorted and easiest to use tool for your multiplayer experience.

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#2. Tuungle

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Who understands gamers better than gamers, tuungle is a tool created by gamers itself for a multiplayer experience. Tuungle gives you a list of features to make your group gaming experience even better. It is focused around gaming purely, it creates centered LAN gaming. You can even add alterations to your profile when you add or accept a tuugle group. It has its own firewall insurance security. It has a feature of free discussion where you can interact with other gamers like yourself.

#3. Wippien

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Everyone prefers tools that occupy lesser space, so here is Wippien with demanding only 2MB space and still one of the best alternatives for Hamachi. This is for everyone who doesn’t like to overload their computers by introduction heavy projects into its working. It is a simple, easy to use and utilize program and with all these benefits its totally free and an open source. Also the tool supports Gmail and jabber accounts and it doesn’t work with other email registrations.

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#4. NetoverNet

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As I mentioned above one the major drawbacks of Hamachi is its complicated working, in case you are looking for something with a simpler interface and working, NetoverNet is your guy! It is simple and powerful which also you it works on various gadgets and on web simultaneously. NetoverNet  has many servers available and  the connections are made  to the nearest server. But it is not the case in Hamachi where it tries to make  direct connection. Also, NetoverNet is not just a simple gaming tool but it’s a VPN emulator.

#5. GameRanger

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GameRanger has a history, it started in 90’s for MacOS and later extended other platform in 2008. Take my word for it, it is most reliable LAN gaming solutions available for the gamers out there. GameRanger gives the best level of security and performance as compared to the other tools. Gameranger emulates LAN gaming internally via its clients. One drawback is that where Hamachi can be used to run any game GameRanger works only for a list of games. You may also love to know How to Make a Keylogger


With Hamachi being used for ages now, its reliability is still substantial amongst the gaming world although the five participant feature really kills the mood. The list above consists of the best Hamachi Alternatives 2019 and they are quite efficient to be able to provide you a good multiplayer gaming experience. With that being said, the technology is always evolving and there are always better option out there so one should be open to try new technology from time to time.


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