10 Best Anime Torrenting Sites To Download Anime Series


Looking for some of the best anime torrent sites to download your favorite anime series? If yes then this article is going to be very helpful as we are going to discuss the same throughout the article. There has been a time when youth loved to watch movies, and TV shows but nowadays most of them watch anime movies and series. Anime is hand-drawn and computer animation which originated from Japan. The word anime is a Japanese word that means animation and refers to all forms of animated media.

We all agree that anime has some great and most creative storylines, there are active and vibrant worlds, populated by our favorite characters. Anime takes us to an area of our imagination which is unexplored by us. In anime, every scene is an excellent work of art. Animes are very popular these days so here we are to help you download anime for free with the help of torrent.

best anime torrent sites

10 Best Anime Torrent Sites in 2024

Anime has a lot of variety that helps fans to satisfy their anime craving. It can be romantic anime, horror anime, adventure anime and many more so to help us all to find out their favorite anime in one place, we came up with a list of 10 Best Anime Torrenting sites.

1. Nyaa

nyaa anime torrent sites

Nyaa is an incredibly popular website. The site is very famous among anime fans. The user interface of this site is clean and elegant and has handy filtering options which will surely help you to find your desirable anime. The site has been on the internet for a long time so it has a huge database of torrents and has high server count. When you open Nyaa in your browser, on the homepage of the site you will see a list of available torrents. Click on the list to download the torrent. The site also does not need any registration to access its content.

2. HorribleSubs


HorribleSubs is a very good and well-maintained website. The content on this site is updated very well, as soon as a new anime or new episode gets released within hours it gets uploaded on this site. The site has various tags for different categories of animes so that you can easily find your favorite anime. For downloading anime the site also has various video formats which you can choose according to your need. The website has three mirror URLs and the only con is that it is blocked in various countries and by various individuals ISPs but you can always access the site by connecting to a VPN.

3. AnimeTosho


AnimeTosho is one of the most active anime torrenting websites out there or we can probably say that this is the most active anime community online.

This is a niche torrent website with a huge database categorized according to various anime genres. The website has the most active community and also provides subtitles along with anime. The website is all about anime torrents and has a large group of anime fans. The interface is simple and interactive in the English language.

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4. BakaBT


BakaBT is a secret anime community because here you can not freely register. You can only register if you have an invite from the website team. The website is made by and made for true anime fans only. The community of this website is also restricted to true anime fans only. The website has a huge database of high-quality torrent files and gets updated on regular intervals. Currently, the website has more than 90,000 active users.

5. Shana Project

shana project

Shana Project is a website where you have no limitations for downloading. You can download as many torrents as you want for free. The website has an intuitive UI along with a rich content library. There are plenty of seeders available so that you can download files at a good speed. The site also has automated anime downloads and client setup instructions. For accessing its contents you don’t need to register and this website is available worldwide.

6. Anime Torrent

best anime torrents

AnimeTorrents is another great anime torrenting website. The website requires registration for a new account and after registering you can get access to the hottest and latest anime movies and TV shows. The website is favorite to fans because it uploads new content constantly and features the newest and freshest content. The UI is simple and easy to use and it provides users with a forum as well.

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7. 9Anime


9Anime is an anime torrent service and we listed the site here on a purpose. As we know torrents are hard to download on mobile devices so you now have an alternative where you can stream your favorite anime anytime anywhere. The website has a video-rich streaming service and its contents library is very rich. The website has multiple sorting options and works on any device. Also, this site doesn’t require any registration and has two mirrors.

8. Project GXS

project gxs

Project GXS serves as a repository of anime content found online. This is a great place to find reliable content. The website has a very active community, and numerous new torrents are constantly uploaded. The site also has a discord community and has various tags so that you can navigate to your favorite anime more quickly.

9. Anime Layer

anime layer

Anime Layer is a Russian and one of the best anime torrent sites and has a very beautiful UI design. Each torrent listed here has an image attached and has a complete description. This is a long-standing torrent site which also includes a forum for discussion. The content on this site is updated regularly and there are plenty of fresh torrents available for downloading. For accessing it’s contents this site requires registration and this is available worldwide.

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10. Anime Ultime

anime ultime

Anime Ultime is a French website for torrenting anime which is designed by true fans. The site has a highly active community where every day something new happens. The website is home for various complete anime series and provides media streaming online as well. The content is regularly updated and the UI of this site is unique from every site out there. The site is available worldwide and it doesn’t require any registration for accessing its content.


Above is a list of 10 best Anime Torrenting sites which you can use for craving your hunger for your favorite anime. Each site is free to use but some of them require registration from new users. We have done our work and now it’s your turn to go, check and find which one suits you the best.


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