Free Course Hero Accounts 2024 – Usernames & Passwords


Course Hero is heaven for students out there. The platform gives you access to millions of study materials, resources, course notes, test prep, 24/8 homework help, etc. As a result, the website is useful when completing your assignments or studying for your exams. But as you already know, Course Hero is not a freemium platform. As a result, many students look for free course hero accounts.

So, if you are too searching for the same, I am here to help you. In this article, I have shared many working and free course hero accounts you can use for your studies. But first, let’s know what course hero is.

free course hero accounts

What is Course Hero?

Course Hero is an online learning platform that offers course-specific study materials. The website was founded back in 2006.

The website is designed to help students with their coursework, help them prepare for exams, and help them learn and remember. Also, check out How to Get Free Chegg Answers?

Course Hero is an open platform where people can contribute their resources to access millions of learning materials.

The website offers solutions to practice problems, study guides, textbook solutions, and step-by-step explanations for different subjects.

How Much Does Course Hero Cost?

Course Hero offers you a basic or free membership. On top of that, you can also subscribe to the premium subscription.

The free plan is good enough for seeking help from online tutorials for certain fees. However, you can unlock up to 30 documents or user questions if you are a premium member. Plus, you will get access to all textbook solutions and explanations in Course Hero’s library and receive up to 40 questions.

Course Hero comes with three different price plans. This includes Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly, costing you $9.95/month, $19.95/month, and $39.95/month, respectively.

course hero documents for free

Also, you can get free access to the platform by uploading your own study resources, which will help you earn free access.

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Why Use Course Hero Premium Account For Free?

A good reason to use free course hero accounts is that you will enjoy all the features free of cost. You will benefit from the course Hero Answers. Plus, you will get access to up to 30 questions each month. You can also get up to 40 tutor questions.

Plus, the free subscription includes the following features:

  • Unblock 30 documents per month.
  • 24/7 help from expert tutors.
  • Gives you access to the library of more than 25 million course-specific study resources.
  • Unlimited access to textbook solutions and explanations.

Features of Course Hero Free Account

A free course hero account also has many interesting perks to help you with your studies. Some of its cool features of it are:

  • It gives you access to over 7 million study materials.
  • Course Hero provides tutoring services, and you can get 24/7 tutors online.
  • It offers you a video lecture and educator platform.
  • You can win a free scholarship of $1000 by answering simple questions.

How To Get Free Course Hero Account?

There are some amazing ways to access Course Hero premium apart from free Course Hero accounts. These methods are:

1. Upload Study Materials

You can earn premium course hero account access by uploading study materials to the website. This is the easiest method.

All you have to do is upload documents and get access to study materials or the course library.

Whenever you upload a document to the site, you earn some credits. These credits can be used to unblurr or unlock the content you want to study.

2. Free Unlocks by Rating and Review

If you cannot try the first method, you can earn credits by rating and reviewing.

You only have to rate content uploaded by other users on Course Hero. Different tutors publish answers on the website, and if you rate it positively, you get to earn credits.

There are 5 different ratings that you have to give to unlock course hero for free. However, it is a time-consuming job and takes about an hour.

3. Quiz Yourself

You can also avail free course hero account by using their Quiz Yourself option. All you have to do is create the quizzes for the student and earn free credits. These quizzes help the students to get better assistance. Make sure to check their rules and policies before attempting the quiz.

Unblur Course Hero Documents:

Course Hero Logo

You can unblur Course Hero Documents For Free by following the given link.

Unblur Course Hero Documents   

Free Course Hero Accounts May 2024 – Usernames & Passwords

Apart from the above two methods, you can also use these below free accounts to use Course Hero Premium free.

These accounts get regularly updated and should give you full access to all the study materials and books. So go ahead and check these accounts out:

Email / Username Password
[email protected] druQQ23free
[email protected] Zylo1R654free
[email protected] pO67@Rqfree
[email protected] r43T&free
[email protected] WWQ345free

Free Course Hero Accounts Updated Today

If someone else has already claimed the above-mentioned Course Hero accounts, don’t be disappointed. Here are some legit and working Course Hero Premium accounts shared for you.

Username [email protected]
Created On 28 May, 2024
Plan Type Annual
Validity December 2024
Password GET PASSWORD ➡️

Username [email protected]
Created On 28 May, 2024
Plan Type Annual
Validity January 2025
Password GET PASSWORD ➡️

Username [email protected]
Created On 28 May, 2024
Plan Type Annual
Validity November 2024
Password GET PASSWORD ➡️

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to create a Course hero free account?

Ans: You can create a free course hero account by visiting their official website and following the instructions.

Does Course Hero Account Generator work?

Ans: No, the Course Hero accounts generator available on the Internet doesn’t work at all. They all are fake. So, don’t waste your time by trying those generators.

How do I unblur course hero documents and images?

Ans: Register for a free trial account to unblur any document or image. Also, you can upload your document to get free credits that let you unblur the document. Read this guide to learn How to Unblur Course Hero Documents For Free?

Final Words:

You can try out those free course hero accounts in 2024. I hope the accounts helped you with your studies. Hopefully, these accounts worked for you; if they don’t, check out the latest accounts that are updated regularly. If you are stuck on anything, feel free to comment below.


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