How to Make Smartphone Your Study Buddy?


The modern student has access to Smartphones and many apps that are available online for free. This technological progress offers a chance for students to expand and thrive in their education. An Apple campaign pointed out that, “There is an app for that”. This shows how technology has grown to provide apps for almost all aspects of your life, including education.

As a student, you can use these apps for important educational purposes. You can access study materials for your assignment or buy custom essay writing tips online. Your phone can be your best study buddy since it is always in your possession, and gives you access to useful information.



Quizelet is a popular studying app that both students and teachers find helpful. It has over 40 million users every month, according to their website. The app allows you to create flashcards, quizzes, and study games. You can download the free app on your iOS or Android phone and study on-the-go. Teachers use Quizlet to give homework quizzes and assignments. 

My Study Life

My Study Life is a study app that offers planning functions that are more flexible than traditional paper planners. The app deals with the issue of rigidity facing many planning apps. The app enables you to add rotating schedules of your college and accommodate extracurricular activities. You have the option of getting notifications and reminders of upcoming lectures and assignments. 

Not only can you organize your college schedule in the task list, you can also organize your after-school activities. Your daily page shows the classes and time you have to attend, as well as what is overdue or due by the end of the week.


As a student, you understand how group assignments can get brutal. Getting everyone on the same page can be difficult, as well as getting equal workload for group members. Trello addresses obstacles that you face when doing group assignments such as collaboration and organization. 

Also, you can create cards and organize them into categories or lists. You can share this to the group and everyone can make notes and vote for ideas. All this is in real time so that everyone is in the loop.


This app offers a good way to organize your thoughts using a graphic organizer. It lets you improve your memory by keeping track of ideas, brainstorming and organizing the confusion that comes with studying. It acts like a web that you can map out your ideas, as well as add media content, websites, and notes to the chart. It is a visual aid that helps to explain your thought process. It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. Personal Finance

Managing your finances as a student can be difficult. Sticking to a budget on your student allowance is daunting, but important. The Mint app assists you to make a personalized budget and stick by it. It lets you factor expenses you deem expensive but important to your education. You can secure the app with a personal pin in case you lose your phone. It is available on all platforms.

Using your Smartphone with some or all the apps above can change your college life. Make your phone your study buddy that will help you improve your performance in college. If you use your Smartphone for educational purposes, you increase your chances of getting better grades.


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