10 Best Home Security Apps For Android in 2024


Have you ever thought about keeping the extra layer of protection to your house? But how? By adding a home security app in your home? Well, that sounds like a great idea. Isn’t it? So let us talk about the same today.

We all know how crucial is the safety of our house and it is very important to know that there are tons of apps available these days via which one can have safety to their house without needing a secondary device. And this is why we are going to talk about the best home security apps for android.

So if you are an android user looking for a complete home security option, you can read about these applications and consider them for your safety. So let’s get started and know about the same in brief.

best home security apps for android

Best Home Security Apps For Android in 2024

1. AtHome Camera

If we talk about the best home security apps for android users, then the first name that has to be there is the AtHome camera app. This app is one of the best android security apps that you can download for free of cost. Although we are talking about the apps available on Android, this app can be downloaded even on iOS, Windows and Linux too. With the help of this app, you can take care of your home. For that, you need two devices for recording and live streaming purposes. This app will let the user take care of four cameras at one time.

Athome Camera: Remote Monitor
Athome Camera: Remote Monitor
Developer: ichano
Price: Free

2. Presence Video Security Camera

The second name in the list is Presence. The name of this app is quite obvious and with the help of this app, you surely can convert your device to a stalk camera. All you need is an old or extra android device. The device will act as a security camera system later wards for you. Setting up the camera will only take five minutes and since the app supports live audio and video recording, you can easily avail all the features of this app and convert it into your home camera. Also, check out 10 Best Speed Reading Apps For Android & iPhone

3. IP Webcam

If you are not sure about the above two names from the list, then you are more than welcome to try the app IP Webcam. You are going to find it completely different from the above-mentioned apps for sure but yes, it is worth using. The app will turn your device into a network camera that will share various viewing options with you. You can not have it directly and navigation in this app is not very straightforward. You need to be a little smart for doing so. Talking about the camera, you can view the camera footage through the VLC media or your preferred browser. You can not watch it directly.

IP Webcam
IP Webcam
Developer: Pavel Khlebovich
Price: Free

4. AlfredCamera Home Security App

If you have a spare device available at your home which you can turn into a camera, then this app is a perfect one for you. If you ask why then it is because this app will let you use your devices and make it a home security camera. You can easily stream live camera streams straight from your location and setting up is also very easy. If we talk about home security, you can also use the features such as night vision, 360 camera, smart intruder alert, walkie talkie and much more. Also, check out What is Rabb.it and What Happened to the Platform?

5. Silent eye

If you know how to use a security camera application, using this app will not be hard for you. It will also turn your android device into a camera which will be very easy to install. You do not need any guidance to set up the camera but if you wish, you can go through the manual of the app that will be available there too. Apart from the camera feature, you also can turn the alarms so that can alert yourself whenever something unusual comes. Also, you can click pictures through the app.

6. Warden Cam

Another great name on the list is Warden cam. Be it any network or data type, you can use this app very easily. It comes with multi-camera setups from which you can have all-rounder security of your home. Also, it has cloud storage support for your data, motion detection via which it will aware you by detecting unusual motions and some alerts too. You are going to get packed of safety through this app but yes, it is not available for free of cost. You have to buy a monthly subscription to this app for availing such features.

7. Home Security Camera – SeeCiTV

If you ever had a fantasy of keeping everything at your finger point, then it has become true. With this app, you can easily turn your remote camera of this app. The only drawback we have seen is that the app does not support PC. If you want to use this app, then you have to download it on any android device only. You can not use anything else.

8. Security Camera CZ

Out of all the security camera apps we have witnessed so far, this one is interesting. If you ask why then it is because the app is for business management and parental control over PC. You can record any kind of motion and you will get a massive library from where you can find out any image. And since it supports HD quality, it is a great app. Also, check out How To Get Apple TV+ Subscription for Free?

Security Camera CZ
Security Camera CZ
Developer: SCamera
Price: Free

9. Camy

If you want to convert your smart device into a live streaming camera, then you should know that it is possible now. Yes, this feature is possible because the app offers live streaming across many channels. For viewing someone, you just have to open your device and set it up easily. If you want, you can also connect it to your PC and watch it.

Camy - Videoüberwachung
Camy - Videoüberwachung
Developer: GeoLoc
Price: Free

10. Brick House TrackView

Last but not least, track view is another great alternative for your home security apps for android devices. The app has some features such as event detection, GPS locator and etc via which you will easily understand the usage itself. Even if your device has slept, you can still turn the recording on and nobody will ever know. Also, check out 10 Best Live TV Apps Like Mobdro

BrickHouse TrackView
BrickHouse TrackView

Wrapping up:

These were the best home security apps for android that you can use for free of cost.  If you haven’t tried them yes, feel free to try something of your choice and secure your house at its fullest. If you have any questions or complaints, you can comment down and talk. 


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