How To Get Apple TV+ Subscription for Free?


Apple TV+ is the streaming service offered by Apple. It is an alternative to other streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others. The platform was launched back in 2019, and it has some really great content. As a result, many users want to try out Apple TV+ but they don’t want to go for a subscription. So the question is, how to get Apple TV+ subscription for free?

Well, there are a few ways that will help you to get a trial for Apple TV+. So you can try out the service before ending up buying a subscription plan.

So let’s get into the topic.

how to get apple tv subscription for free

How To Get Apple TV+ Subscription for Free?

Apple TV+ Free Subscription for 7 Days

Want to watch a few shows or movies? But no plan to buy a full-fledged Apple TV+ subscription? If yes then the 7 days trial plan might work for you.

You can subscribe to Apple TV+ by going to Apple’s Website or using Apple TV on your devices. You need to buy a subscription plan as per your choice and enter your credit card details.

However, the catch is that you have to cancel your trial within 7 days only. Else it will get automatically converted to a monthly subscription. So once you are done watching your favourite content, make sure to cancel the subscription and you are good to go.

Enjoy Apple TV+ Subscription For 6 Months With PlayStation 5

If you are one of the lucky people who got his hands on the PlayStation 5, then you can get Apple TV+ free for 6 months. The offer is valid till 22 July 2023.

For this, you will need a PlayStation 5, PlayStation Network Account, and an Apple ID. The offer is valid in selective regions only like the USA, UK, India, Malaysia, Germany, France, New Zealand, Russia, Australia, and South Africa.

If you meet the requirements, then do follow the below steps:

  • Switch to the Media tab on your PS5.
  • You should get to see the Apple TV app > download it.
  • Then launch the app and claim the trial offer.
  • Follow all the screen instructions and activate the trial offer.

That’s it. Now you can enjoy Apple TV+ free for the next 6 months. Make sure to cancel your trial period before that; otherwise, you will get billed monthly.

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Get 3 Months Apple TV+ Subscription with Apple Product Purchase

When you buy an Apple product like an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you will get 3 months of Apple TV+ subscription.

However, this deal is only applicable to one person per family. Also, you have to claim the offer within 3 months of your Apple product purchase.

The offer is currently running on these below devices:

  • iPhone and iPhone SE.
  • iPad.
  • iPod Touch.
  • Mac.
  • Apple TV.

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Get 12-months Apple TV+ for free with T-Mobile US

T-Mobile is also offering a free Apple TV+ subscription to new and existing customers for a year. If you are a customer of T-Mobile, you can redeem the offer by signing into the T-Mobile app or in your T-Mobile account online.

Also, if you are on Sprint you can also redeem the offer by going to the website. Head over to the website and use the 2021APPLETVP1 code.

Moreover, if you are a Magenta customer, then you can also redeem the offer this way. However, we are not sure how long T-Mobile is going to run the offer.

Currys Offering 3 Months Of Apple TV+

You can also get 3 months of Apple TV+ subscription with Currys. There is no need to buy an Apple product instead this offer is a part of the Currys perks.

This is a new membership service offered by Currys. As a result, the members will get access to exclusive discounts, offers on different brands, enjoy partner benefits, and of course, a 3 months subscription to Apple TV.

Get a student subscription

If you are a student, then you can access Apple TV+ by signing up for the student subscription to Apple Music.

Also, if you qualify as a student in Higher Education, you will be able to get Apple Music for half price. Along with that, Apple is also offering free Apple TV+ subscriptions.

However, this requires you to purchase Apple Music. Also, if you are interested in this offer, make sure that Apple is running the offer at the time you are reading this.

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Final Words:

So those were some of the ways to get an Apple TV+ subscription for free. Now go ahead and check these offers and see if they are being applied to you or not. Also, if you have any other questions regarding how to get Apple TV+ subscription for free, comment below.


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