How to do video marketing in 2024?


While the whole process of going viral should never be the sole purpose of your video marketing campaign, it still is a growing trend in 2024 for sure. The marketers who want to reach a bigger audience because of their videos need to know that it is possible.

Looking at the stats that about 5 billion videos on YouTube are watched every day which means that 1200% more shares are being generated by the social videos than the images and text combined globally. 

Well, if this is the case, then you surely are in need of some of the best practices which ensures that the current marketing campaigns which you have are going to complete your objectives and also push your social media forward. 

Here are some of the top tips for you – 

Keep your videos revolving around your story

There are heaps of the sales cutter here on the internet which are actively repelling your customers. Just don’t let your brand be that kind of brand. Rather, your video should be made around the story rather than just the sale. Always remember that the rules which apply for written content marketing also apply to video marketing. Just have your focus on your customers. If you don’t have any expertise in field of creating video you could hire service of video creation from marketplaces like vidsaga.

Always come with a strategic approach towards your videos and make sure that you can also call a relevant CTA for your videos in order to make them more powerful and better.  

Make the feature of your videos the best duration ever

Always remember that one fifth of the viewers which you have are going to click away from your videos within 10 seconds or even less. This suggests that your kind of videos need to be short and to the point or your audience might just skip it. Our advice is to get right to the core and manage the expectations from the outset.

Make sure to also spark your audience’s curiosity by asking questions and also using the teasers in order to grab their attention right away.

Use humor? Because why not?

Do you know what your audience wants? Well, they want to laugh and want to feel enlightened. They want to be pulled out of the boring working cycles which you have to face from 9 to 5 in the office. Your videos should be making people forgetting their reality. Well, if it is done well, a brand can always reap the rewards which have come due to the humour in their videos. Target specific audience and keep your content light-hearted.

Optimize your videos for SEO

There are a lot of tactics that you can deploy in order to ensure that your videos could be found easily on the search engines. The very first thing which you should do is to derive the max SEO value from any kind of video is to host it on your very own domains. 

It is also quite important that you have enabled embedding on your videos as it is going to help you increase the likelihood of the receiving inbound marketing links. Don’t forget to avail the video stamps as well.

When it comes to SEO for video, the most important thing emerges from the description. Well, they also allow the Google’s search spiders to make whole lot of sense from your video and also understand why the content is entailing.


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