How to Fix AirPods Keeps Disconnecting?


Are you experiencing the AirPods Keep Disconnecting issue? If yes, this article is for you because, in this article, we’re going to discuss the best and most effective ways to fix the problem of AirPods keep disconnecting. It is not a severe problem which points to a serious issue in your AirPods.

It happens in most of the AirPods due to many small issues. The good thing is that you can easily fix this problem with the help of many effective methods. In this article, we’re going to discuss the most effective ways of fixing the problem of disconnecting Airpods.

airpods keep disconnecting

How to Fix AirPods Keeps Disconnecting?

Check the battery of your AirPods

This problem happens most of the time that keeping discovering AirPods occurs due to the low battery of the Airpods. So, you must have to check the battery percentage of your AirPods. If your AirPods are changed and face the problem of AirPods disconnecting, you can love this problem by the following described methods.

Check Bluetooth of your device

Make sure to check the Bluetooth availability on your device. If your Bluetooth is turned off, then your AirPods doesn’t get any medium of connection. So, you have to make sure that your Bluetooth device is turned on. If your Bluetooth device is on and still you’re facing a problem with it, maybe the next method will help you. 

Reconnect your AirPods

If your Bluetooth is on and your AirPods are charged, but your AirPods are still disconnecting, this method will help you get over this problem. You must turn off your AirPods and Forget the username of the AirPods from your device. Follow the steps to know more.

  • Place your AirPods in your AirPods case. Once you place your AirPods into the AirPods case, then make them off by pressing the off button on it.
  • Now, go to the settings of your phone and find the option of Bluetooth. Once you see this option, then click on it and find the name of your AirPods and let them forget. Once you complete this option, then follow the steps.
  • After that, please turn off your Bluetooth, and after then click on Bluetooth to turn it on.
  • Now, click on the turned on the button of your AirPods and go to the settings and click on the Bluetooth section. Now, see the name of your AirPods. When you see your AirPods connection name, click on it, and get your AirPods connected with your phone.

This method works most of the time on every device except your AirPods attains any technical issue. If you’re still facing some problem, then it turns to your AirPods in a critical condition. There are some more methods which can help you get over this problem. So, don’t skip this article and keep reading.

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Check that your AirPods are selected as the audio device settings

Sometimes the AirPods are not selected for functioning on your audio device. So, you must check that your AirPods is set as your audio device or not. Follow the steps to know how you can do it.

  • Firstly, open any of your online music platforms like Spotify, Wink, or whatever you use.
  • Now, play any song and click on Airplay’s option, which is shown on the left side of your song’s name. Once you select this, then it will automatically show you the audio device selection of your device.
  • You can also place your AirPods in your audio device at the time when you’re calling someone.
  • So, make a selection of your Airpods as your audio device and solve the problem of AirPods disconnecting.

If this method does not work, you can predict that your AirPods may face any technical issue, but you can make your last try by doing the things described below.

Use a single AirPods

Every phone stains the settings so that you can use only one Airpod. This will assure you that your Airpods are not damaged. Follow the steps to know how to do:-

  • Go to your phone settings and go to the Bluetooth option.
  • Now, find the name of your AirPods connection and click on the ‘i’ button, located on the left side of your AirPods name.
  • Go to the microphone settings and select the option of “Always Left AirPod” or “Always Right AirPod.”

Clean your AirPods

Try to clean your AirPods with the help of AirPod cleans or with any adequate equipment. Sometimes it also happens that the connectivity of the AirPods is damaged due to dust placed on AirPods. So, clean your AirPods and reconnect them.


So, these are ways you can prevent the problem of AirPods Keep disconnecting from your device. If your AirPods are still getting issues, I suggest you visit your product’s service center.


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