Fix “To Allow Access Please Respond On Your iPhone” Error


Are you getting an error saying “To allow access please respond on your iPhone”? If yes, then we have a solution for you. After connecting your iPhone with Mac, you can’t access iTunes and get the message saying. This issue can be easily solved with the help of method we are sharing below. So let us start with our guide featuring How To Fix “To Allow Access Please Respond On Your iPhone”?

Why This Problem Occurs?

Before jumping to the solution of the error “To Allow Access Please Respond On Your iPhone”, let us first check out in detail what the problem is all about.

To Allow Access Please Respond on Your iPhone

This problem is becoming common among a lot of iOS users. The problem begins when your iPhone or iPad is disabled. In such condition, it asks you to connect to iTunes on your Mac pc. When you plug in your iPhone or iDevice, Mac shows a message asking to allow the computer to sync info from iPhone. Further, when you hit continue, a message follows saying that you have to respond on your iPhone. This becomes an error as your iPhone is disabled.

This seems to be a technical error from the company. Due to this most of the people are not able to access their disabled iPhone. But with our simple method, you can easily fix “To Allow Access Please Respond on Your iPhone” error. So, let us head to the main part of our guide.

How To Solve “To Allow Access Please Respond On Your iPhone” Error?

We have found two methods to solve “please respond on your iPhone” error. Well, these two methods are working fine. You can try out both these methods if any one of them doesn’t work for you. Let us move to the first method.

First Method

  1. Ignore the message and wait for the software to finish running on iPhone.
  2. Within the next few minutes, you will see a message asking you to trust this computer.
  3. Click on Trust done. Your device will be recovered and the error will be solved.

So, this is the first and easiest method to fix “To Allow Access Please Respond On Your iPhone”. If this method doesn’t work for you, we have a second method too.

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Second Method

In this method you have to restore your iPhone or iPad to recovery mode. You may lose your data while using this method. If you have done a backup recently then there is no need to worry. In case of data loss, you can easily recover all your data from iTunes or iCloud. Follow the below steps.

  • First of all update iTunes on your pc to the latest version.
  • Now open iTunes on computer.
  • Open your iPhone and hold the power button till you see a prompt saying Slide to power off.
  • Tap Slide To Power Off and wait till the screen completely turns off.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using USB cable.
  • Now hold the Home button on your iPhone until the iTunes logo appears on the screen.
  • On your computer, a recovery message will appear. Hit OK to restore your iPhone.
  • Hit restore from backup. Now all the data on your iPhone will be restored.

So this is the second method to fix “To Allow Access Please Respond On Your iPhone”. It is also a simple method but long one. The restoration process may take a lot of time. Keep patience during the whole process.

What to do in case if you have a broken screen or broken power button?

Even if the screen of your device is broken, you can fix the issue with the below hack.

  • Press the home button of your device and it will show some light. Hold the home and power button simultaneously till the screen turns off. When the screen becomes dark, leave the buttons.
  • If the power button of your iPhone is not working, remove the battery of your iPhone. This will work only if you have an old device as all the new devices come with a non-removable battery.
  • If the home button does ‘t work, go to service center to have it fixed first before the process.

Final Words

These were the two easiest methods to fix the “To allow access please respond on your iPhone” error. I hope you understood the tutorial and you have got the solution for this issue. If you still face the same issue, reach us through the comment section below.


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