Can you play Wii games on Nintendo Switch?


Nintendo Switch is a great success of Nintendo. Nintendo has also launched Wii games but didn’t get too much success. Many people like some Wii games and now want to play on the Nintendo Switch. So today’s article is on this topic, can we play Wii games on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch is a top-rated video game launched by Nintendo on 3rd March 2017. This video game came with some new technologies, features, and fantastic games. We can say that this is the most significant achievement of Nintendo, this is the fastest-selling console of Nintendo.

We can play it by plugging it to the TV docking station, or we can also play it on the tablet with the touchscreen features. They have added many successful games like Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and many more. There is always a high demand for these games.

can you play wii games on nintendo switch

Can you Play Wii Games on Nintendo Switch?

The users are not getting the games like Nintendo has; they frequently update their games, and people are hardly waiting to see the new games. Now many people have the question that can we play Wii games on Nintendo Switch?

Well, there is excellent compatibility of Nintendo with its previous game consoles. Gameboy Advance can play in other consoles like Gameboy Color games, and the Nintendo DS can also play in Gameboy Advanced games.

Can we play Wii Games on Nintendo Switch?

Now, we will come to the direct point and not distract you with other topics. The answer to your question is No, that we cannot play WI games on Switch, but don’t worry about it, we will tell you how to compatible Wii games with Switch.

Nintendo has again started using Cartridges for the home consoles. Nintendo had used cartridges last on N64. The Switch uses small cartridges, and it is making the system more fragile. The Switch console has no disc drive; that’s why Wii games are not compatible with Switch. The cartridges used in Switch are quite similar to DS and 3DS but are not the same.

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What about Wii games?

As we have already told that Wii games don’t get too much success and were not able to reach the user’s heart. But some of the Wii games gained popularity, and some users loved it. That’s why Nintendo planned to launch popular Wii games to Switch with some improvements and excellent graphics.

Nintendo had done this to make a solid base for Switch with more games. Just because of this technique, Switch came with a massive collection of games with WI games, so now we are listing some best Wii games that you can play on Nintendo Switch.

1. Splatoon 2

This game is quite similar when it was on Wii games; the only thing is that some new players came in this game. A new player’s involvement makes the game more interesting.

2. Bayonetta 2

Wii games have only part 1; this is the sequel of Bayonetta. The Switch has also launched its 3rd version. Users can enjoy some extra features in the sequel of Bayonetta.

3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

This game came on Switch with almost all the same features; the only new Battle mode was introduced, making it more exciting.

4. Pokken Tournament DX

This was the most addictive game of Wii games. It was introduced on Switch with some new features and enhancements.

5. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

There are no new changes we have seen in this game; it was the same as before in Wii games. But this game is getting more popular by the users in Switch.

6. Super Mario Maker 2

The game is quite similar to the old one; only some new features are introduced to make it more attractive.

7. Xenoblade Chronicles

The great game of Nintendo Wii has also placed its position in Nintendo Switch. There are some new features introduced in this game.

8. Hyrule Warriors

This is the most hit game of Wii games, then it was also introduced in 3DS and was too caught in 3DS. Now it has also impacted a lot in Nintendo Switch.

9. Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker

The game was very addictive when it was on Wii. Now the Switch version was also made and came with some new features.

So these are the famous Wii games which you can play on Nintendo Switch. These all are the hit Wii games that you can enjoy on Switch.

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Access to Virtual Control

Many users have a lot of confusion, will Virtual console come to Switch or not? The direct answer is No.

wii controller

Nintendo had already explained their plan in 2008. The chairman of Nintendo had clearly said that we have no idea to use Virtual Console in Switch. Nintendo has some different planning to play old games on Switch. They have planned two options.

The first one is e-shop because many publishers have planned to launch classic ports and Arcade machines.

The second option is to download the classic games from Nintendo’s online service, which includes many games like Super Mario and Ice Climbers.

Future planning of Old games

Now let see how much more time the users have to wait for their favorite old games. Nintendo has a vast library of games, and these games need small modifications to play it online. We can expect more games to come to Nintendo Switch. The game like Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda will come with high resolution, and it can also use Joy-Con technology.

Final Verdict:

We can only wait for the old games to come on Nintendo Switch, and we can also see a complete new version of the Nintendo Switch, where we can play Wii games. So which game you want to play of Wii, if it comes into Switch. Comment below and express your views.


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