10 Best Chegg Alternatives of 2024 That You Can Try


Are you a student who is sick of having Chegg as a learning resource? Or do you believe Chegg’s charges are excessive? Don’t worry, here are the top 10 best Chegg alternatives. These alternatives help you to access services similar to Chegg Study.

Schools and colleges started online learning in 2020 when cities were placed under lockdown due to COVID-19. In the online mode, students get the opportunity to seek help in studies from various online platforms.

best chegg alternatives

Chegg is one of the best because it offers everything from low-cost textbooks to homework assistance, topic explanations, flashcards, and even a plagiarism detector tool. But for whatever reason, if you’re looking for an alternative to Chegg, here are ten others that you can check. Do remember that not each of them will offer all the features of Chegg, but each will have its own advantage.

10 Best Chegg Alternatives of 2024

1. Khan Academy

khan academy

Started by Sal Khan in 2008, Khan Academy is a US-based online non -profitable educational organization which aims to make learning easy for students with the help of a set of online tools. The website has lessons created in the form of short videos, supplementary practice exercises, and even materials for educators.

The website is full of courses for math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more, available free of cost. Apart from learning, the website also provides free tests and quizzes to test your understanding and grip on a particular subject/topic.

2. Bartleby

bartleby chegg alternative

Named after Herman Melville’s story “Bartleby, the Scrivener”, bartleby.com was an electronic text archive founded in 1990 under “Project Bartleby” as a collection of classic literature for Columbia University. Barnes & Noble Education, Inc later transformed it into a student success hub to serve those who work to elevate their lives with the help of knowledge.

The services they provide are developed in such a way that they assist students in improving their knowledge and results by providing various learning resources that fit into the schedule and meet the needs of our current generation. The website includes dedicated tools for improved learning (bartleby learn), stress-free virtual writing (bartleby write), and better research (bartleby research). Also, check out 10 Best Evernote Alternatives For Note-Taking

3. Quizlet


Quizlet is a popular learning software and one of the closest Chegg competitors, that may assist you with your academics in numerous different ways.

It provides in-depth explanations of hundreds of topics, textbook solutions, and question answers. You can also enter a topic, ISBN, or book title into the website to get solutions or explanations. The solutions are shown step by step, allowing users to easily understand topics.

In addition, the website offers a number of entertaining services to assist students in studying more effectively. The resources include the use of flashcards, interactive games, and quizzes. You design study sets with pictures, diagrams, and music and even save them to your computer for offline use.

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4. Valore Books

valore books

Textbook renting was one of the features for which Chegg is known of. For students who are seeking an alternate textbook rental platform, Valore Books is a great option. Valore Books also allows customers to trade (buy/sell) used books. It features a large library of books on many topics that may be bought or rented. You can look for titles by the school, subject, author, or ISBN.

The cost of renting or purchasing a book is based on the book and its quality, however, textbooks can be purchased for a lower price. If you are dissatisfied with the book, you have 30 days to return it. Valore Books is a good place if you want to buy books cheaply or make money from selling old books.

5. Course Hero

course hero

This website is quite similar to Chegg, as it provides homework assistance and textbook solutions. Course Hero features a massive collection of learning resources that its users have posted.

The homework assistance on this website is 24×7.  Depending on the subscription, premium customers can get answers to almost 40 questions. However, free members will have to pay for each response separately. Also, check out How to Unblur Course Hero Documents For Free?

Uploading your study materials is yet another option to gain access to answers.  You can unlock Three questions or Five explanations for every ten articles you submit here. Also, you can earn more unlocks by referring your friends and reviewing the available study material. The premium subscriptions cost almost $20/month.

6. Studypool

studypool sites similar to chegg

Started in March 2014 by Richard H. S. Werbe and Jimmy Zhong, Studypool is a micro-tutoring service that offers a variety of learning options. Whenever you require assistance with a question, post it on Studypool, together with the time limit and the amount you are ready to pay if someone solves it. You can also view tutors’ details and competence as they place a bid and choose the best one. You can receive online or in-person instruction if you want to learn the complete topic.

The website also features a note bank with over 20 million documents and notes covering a wide range of disciplines and proficiency levels. It also provides book guides where you can get chapter-by-chapter reviews of famous works.

7. Stack Exchange


If you need assistance with Q&A, then we can say that Stack Exchange is the best alternative to Chegg. The website is one of the greatest places to search for answers, as the network of Stack Exchange is pre-loaded with over 170 sites and subdomains, each dedicated to a particular topic.

As compared to Chegg, this website has far more topics, and it also covers easy things like travel as well as sophisticated engineering issues.

On this website, unlike Chegg, you are not asked for any payment to post questions, and on this website, anyone can answer a question, so you don’t need to be an expert to answer a question, and none of the questions is peer-reviewed.

8. Answers.com


Answers.com, or Answers, is an excellent replacement for Chegg. The website provides a free plan that is adequate for many students, but it also has a premium subscription, Answers+, which is a fraction of the cost of Chegg Study.

Chegg does not allow you to ask unlimited questions on any plan, but on answers.com, you can. The website has an excellent Math Solver tool, which is more than a calculator; it takes down each math solution and shows you the step-by-step solution.

The disadvantage of Answers.com is that only registered users can answer queries. Answering questions earns you points, which encourages people to do so. Also, check out How to Get Free Chegg Answers in 2024?

9. Paperhelp


Paperhelp can be one of the best Chegg alternatives to you if you’re some who only used Chegg for getting papers proofread. Essays, Dissertations, Research papers, Speeches, Thesis, Presentations, Resumes, and Cover letters are the different forms of work that can be proofread by the experts here.

It also provides writing and academic assistance, but apply it only under your institution’s rules and regulations. The cost varies based on paper, academic level, the number of words, and deadline. The website can assist you if you need a professional to proofread, evaluate, or provide suggestions on your work.

10. Skooli

Skooli : Best Chegg Alternatives

Skooli is just another place for online tutoring sessions and assignment assistance. On the website, you can get one-to-one online sessions for maths, science, or English with the experts.

The learning here is done in an online classroom with video conferencing, a whiteboard, and a chat feature to make online learning more engaged.

Skooli, like Chegg, allows you to ask questions and get fast responses. It offers many subscriptions charging from $0.65 to $0.83/minute. It also provides the option of purchasing hours in advance or paying as you go.


No doubt Chegg is an excellent learning platform for students, but it has some really good alternatives too. So, these were some of the best Chegg Alternatives that you can try in 2024. Now that you’ve read the guide, it’s time to cancel your Chegg subscription and switch to another platform.


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