10 Best Evernote Alternatives For Note-Taking in 2024


Evernote is an app developed to take up notes and stuff like organizing and task management and archiving. But they recently increased their pricing so if you are looking for the best Evernote alternatives check out our list:

Best Evernote Alternatives of 2024

1. Notion


Notion is a note-taking program which does more than simply letting you take notes. Notion is an all-round work-space which lets you take notes, make an inner wiki of notes, and collect study material from the internet in form of text, links, create databases and table, handle tasks and jobs, graphics and much more.

Despite Bringing numerous features, Notion stays simple to use since it permits users to use only those features, that they actually want without overcrowding the consumer interface. Thus, it is the #1 choice and one of the best alternatives to Evernote.

2. OneNote


For anybody Who’s searching for a note-taking app that’s as successful as Evernote but does not cost you anything, OneNote is the one for you. OneNote does not fail you and brings all of the features that Evernote has and then some more too. The program lets you easily store text-notes, voice-notes, images, and much more.

It has Its internet clipping tool like Evernote. But what makes OneNote a good alternative for Evernote is a simple fact that the support can be obtained cross-platform so regardless of which device you’re using, you can have OneNote working on it.

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3. Dropbox Paper

dropbox paper

Dropbox Paper is a collaborative document-editing web app. You may use it to collaborate with your team in real-time, delegate a job, and also make a to-do list.

You can keep Your group’s background docs, job assignments, and schedule at exactly the exact same location. You can also Write down thoughts in a nutshell, capture pictures, or provide comments on your colleague’s work on the move. With just a few clicks it can turn your file into a professional-looking presentation which is really handy in case you are in a hurry.

4. NoteJoy


Even though Evernote includes the ability of note sharing, it isn’t quite as robust as several different alternatives available in the market. Notejoy is an amazing note-taking program that takes note sharing into another level.

All of your notes are organized in libraries. You also get sort of a private library where you can store all of your personal notes. Then you will find shared libraries that contain notes that you have shared with others.

Additional Features include pinned notes, picture galleries. You can also use it as assistance for any type of documents such as Word, PDF, Google Docs, markdown tags, and much more.

5. Keep It

keep it for mac

If You’re a Mac user, Keep It can function as a great Evernote Alternative for you. Keep It is the app that comes from the developers of the most well-known note-taking programs on the Mac. Their brand new product brings a much better and more coordinated and organized user interface that not just looks great but is also quite intuitive.

You can create notes, arrange them with tags, packages, and bookmarks, save net articles, and much more. Possibly the best feature of Keep It is that it’s optimized for macOS and thus you can play native functions like searching for notes with Spotlight back up using Time Machine, open notes in almost any program, and much more.

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6. Google Keep

google keep best evernote alternatives

Google Keep Is among the very best note-taking programs on the industry at this time, and in addition, it appears to be my favourite app as an alternative to Evernote.

I really like how Google Keep screens all of my notes in the shape of simple cards that not just make the notes seem amazing but also makes it effortless to have a look in a glance. In addition, I love the ability to colour-code my notes making it simpler to discover the exact precise notice that I am searching for.

Google Keep makes it very simple to make reminders, create lists, and much more. Just like Evernote’s internet clipper it also permits users to store web-articles directly within the program. Other features include the capability to discuss and share notes, add images, take notes that are supersized, and much more.

7. Simplenote


As the title suggests, it’s the easiest and quickest way to keep notes. You may use it anywhere as notes remain updated across all of the devices. Whether you have to discover notes fast with instant tags or discuss a listing, post some directions, print your ideas you can do it all with Simplenote. Overall a nice app and a good alternative to Evernote.

8. Apple Notes

apple notes

If you are Apple user be it an iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer, you have likely noticed that small notepad icon with the yellow paper to generate a fast to-do, that is Apple Notes for you. Together with the most recent changes and upgrades, it has become a full-fledged note management tool.

Its primary Features include organizing notes into folders, attaching videos and photos, including attachments, editing iCloud notes (that have been deleted in the last 30 days), along with locking notes with touch ID or a password.

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9. Quip

quip best evernote alternatives

Quip Combines spreadsheets, documents, checklists, and staff chat in everything in one place which makes it a good alternative to Evernote. It’s not necessary to call meetings or send a number of emails to get everybody on exactly the exact same page too which is really cool.

Each Quip Doc has real-time conversation built-in. So that your discussions, opinions, and conclusions remain only a click away. Facebook, Dell, Amazon, are a few of the businesses using Quip and getting their work done quicker using Quip.

10. Todoist


Being an alternative to Evernote, Todoist is a practical tool to keep your work files and operate well-managed. With this program, you can jot down all of the important data which you will need to recall and thus prevent it from getting lost. Moreover, everything done on this app is backed online so you can get it anytime making it a must-try.


These were the 10 best alternatives to Evernote in 2024. If you have got doubts, comment them down below and I will help you out.


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