10 Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives of 2024


Pubg has a big fan following all over the world. Especially amongst the Android fans. It is amongst the best known battle royale games available for mobile gamers at the moment. The Pubg ban recently imposed in India has caused many players to look for PUBG alternatives that once happened to be their favorite pastime. Today, let us check out all the games similar to nature or something of different genres but the same style.

Without any delays, Let’s start with our list.

Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives of 2024

1. Battlelands Royale

battlelands royale

Battlelands Royale is a third-person battle royale shooter. Additionally, it is a somewhat smaller battle royale than many of the games you will find. Players fall into 32-person battle royales. Most games require between three to five minutes. Other than that, it is one of the closest experiences to the battle royale of PUBG.

You find things, use that material against your enemies, and attempt to be the last player standing. Additionally, there are character updates, the typical shrinking area (like PUBG), etc. There are a few lag problems from time to time, along with also the free to play version is much more competitive than PUBG Mobile or Fortnite. Otherwise, this is a great one and the best free alternative to PUBG.

2. Call of Duty: Mobile

cod mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile had the biggest mobile game launch of all time. The reason is that it is amongst the most polished game in the genre that has a fantastic quantity of content. The game features several a variety of PvP modes, such as a 100-player battle royale style.

Additionally, the warfare game includes a ton of weapons, customizations, and other characters to unlock and play as you make your way up in the game. It is right up there with PUBG Mobile as one of the very best battle royale games for mobile users at the moment.

3. Fortnite

fortnite mobile

Fortnite was launched somewhat restrictively. But, it is easily among the very best and hottest games like PUBG. The game comprises a 100-player battle royale like most of the games from the genre. You fall to an island out of a plane, construct your armaments, locate weapons, and fight against the other gamers. It’s a cut above many battle royale games since it also comprises crafting as well.

Furthermore, this enables you to sync your data between the console and PC version to bring all your skins available on both platforms. The game has its flaws, but it is a great deal and much better than it was. If you are looking for a PUBG mobile alternatives, Fortnite is a must-try.

4. Garena Free Fire: 3volution


If you are not yet comfortable jumping to a high-capacity fight, Free Fire — Battlegrounds may be something that will get you interested. The controls are on display and easy to navigate. However, the highlight for you is that you just have to go from 49 other users (compared to 100 in other games) in a 10-minutes time to live until the finish. If you want something that has quick gameplay, Garena Free Fire is something promising for you.

The fundamentals of this battle royale manner all stay the same. Similar to PUBG, you will fall on a distant island and then hunt to find superior weapons, in addition to medicine kits, and keep yourself within the zone to win.

You can also form a 4-man squad and speak amongst yourselves to invent a strategy with a voice conversation. Their gameplay images are smooth, which means you would not always face any lag throughout the gameplay.

5. Last Day on Earth: Survival

last day on earth

If you love games based on zombies, you will fall in love with this game. In the game, an unidentified disease has destroyed nearly the whole human race. The dead have become zombies and are well suited for human flesh. It is one of the best PUBG mobile alternatives of 2024.

As a player, you are among those survivors, and you must struggle for existence, together with sustaining appetite, thirst, and health. With that, you have to collect rewards, create weapons and transportation, and learn to become resourceful in a destroyed world.

You must kill tens of thousands of zombies, shield your property, and raid other gamers’ property to live. The graphics quality is amazing, and you are sure to love this game.

6. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

hopeless land pubg mobile alternatives

If you are an Indian, you will relate to this game. Its Surroundings has an Asian aesthetic, and you’d end up at home. You can fly a helicopter and land it in new areas and face the deadly battleground to ultimately win it. The game isn’t only about guns and weapons, but at the same time, you will require sharp tactical skills like PUBG to win the round. Check out the way to hack PUBG mobile.

Here also, you’re followed by a hazard zone (called the red zone in PUBG), and you want to be within the secure zone to be alive. It is compatible with almost all android phones and has over 50M downloads on Play Store alone. This makes it one of the top 10 best PUBG mobile alternatives.

7. Creative Destruction

creative destruction

If you like Fortnite as a good PUBG alternative, Creative Destruction is something just like Fortnite. The game involves a huge map with varying landscapes and a 100-person battle royale. Just like Fortnite, you can also make and destroy things. Furthermore, you can enjoy the game in third or first-person perspectives, which is something unique and really enjoyable. However, the bad thing is that the game runs horribly on several mid-range and low-end phones and has some bugs and freezes.

8. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

pixels unknown battle ground

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is a replica of PUBG + Minecraft, of course. It utilizes pixel design images from Minecraft, but most of the controls and mechanics are the same as other battle royale games. You fall in, locate things, kill the other players, and have to be the last person standing. This one also offers an in-game conversation. With lower graphics settings for lower-end phones, also the game has a few stability problems. The game still needs a lot of work but still is a strong competitor to be on this list.

9. Danger Close

danger close pubg mobile alternatives

Danger Close is just another battle royale game, which has improved considerably in recent years. The best part is that Danger Close today comes with a new map that’s a lot larger and has additional new mechanisms such as recoil, looting, and a brand-new inventory system. Speaking about the map, now you can opt to play eight distinct areas.

Other than this, you can combine online FPS deathmatch and play anytime you need it. The graphics don’t come near PUBG’s superb game surroundings. However, if you’re searching for a fast multiplayer game, then it is the best PUBG mobile alternative.

10. Zombs Royale

zombs royale

Zombs Royale Is an arcade shooter with battle royale components. You fall to a planet with a Lot of gamers. The target is to be the last person standing, of course. It Uses easy 2D graphics, easy controls, and simple mechanisms. Furthermore, there are group play modes, leaderboards, weekly events, and much more. There are occasional lags and bugs that you can notice. Other than that, it is something that you can try out.


While the Pubg ban was something we all hated, finding the best PUBG alternatives is the only thing that we all can do. While no game can match PUBG game quality or the exact experiences, all the ones mentioned on this list are all the best alternatives you can currently find for PUBG. I hope you liked this list of the 10 Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives.

If you have any other suggestions or queries, feel free to comment them below. Till then, just download one of the games from here and start playing.

Happy Gaming!


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