How to Hack PUBG Mobile No Root (Season 14)


PUBG Mobile has been a very popular game, especially among the Indian people. It’s been almost more than 2 years since the game has been launched worldwide and today it has more than 100M+ downloads on play store and more than 10M on iOS. The game features 4 modes and ranked mode features 4 maps. Ranked matches feature a lobby of 100 players. Due to this coronavirus outbreak, the game has gained many new players as you know India is a place where the mobile gaming audience is very huge as compared to the console or computer gaming.

Due to this recent hike in players, we are facing players using hacks a lot nowadays and I know how it feels when you are playing legit and get killed by hackers and lose many points. Since the banning system of PUBG Mobile is so bad that hackers are increasing drastically in the game and you can’t win against them, you will end up dying and getting minus.

hack pubg mobile
hack pubg mobile

The only way you can have a fair fight with a hacker is when you have hacks too and this is how we are helping you today.

PUBG Mobile Hack Without Rooting

Earlier hacking pubg means you have to root your phone and buy some paid hacks which cost from 750-800 a week. And many of us can’t afford the hacks as well as rooting their phone because they are using apps that can cause problems after rooting and they also didn’t want to spend money buying hacks.

PUBG Mobile Hacking Without Root
PUBG Mobile Hacking Without Root

So today we are helping those who don’t want to spend money on hacks and can’t root their phones. After a long long search and trying various hacks, getting the ban hammer on a ton of accounts, finally, we have found a hack that works flawlessly and comes with a great antiban injector. Today we are providing you hacks that can be used on nonrooted android phones and are absolutely free to use. Sadly for iOS users, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad in order to use hacks, no tricks or bypass for iOS is available as of now.

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How to Hack PUBG Mobile (No Root)

So let’s begin with our free hack for android. The hack is the latest for Season 14 and works flawlessly on any android phone running on android 5.0 lollipop and above. Here I’m providing you VIP HACKS which contains a ton of in-game hacks.

PUBG Mobile Game Hacks List:

Below is the list of all the in the game hack which you will be getting on using the VIP HACKS

  • Wall Hack ( This will help you to kill or knock enemies through walls, vehicles, stones, trees, and ridges)
  • Cooler Hack ( This will help your device to stay cool)
  • Antenna Hack ( This will fix your ping and server related lags)
  • Server Hack (This will tell you the location of enemies under 500m)
  • Auto Headshot Hack (This hack will help you to hit headshot every time you shoot)
  • Aimbot Hack (This hack will lock your aim in the enemy)
  • Magic Bullet Hack (This hack will help you to kill enemies through any obstacles)
  • No Recoil Hack ( This hack will disable Recoil on you guns)
  • Speed Hack ( This app will increase your running and driving speed)
  • Slide Scope Hack
  • High Jump Hack (This help will help you to jump as high as 50m)

Each of the listed Hack works great and the anti-ban feature also works very well. Well, now you know everything about the VIP HACK it’s time to guide on how to install it on your phone.

Steps to Hack PUBG Mobile Without Root

Step 1: For installing the hack on your phone, first, you will need to install two apps, first is Virtual Space and second is Injector.

  • Click here to download apk of Virtual Space
  • Click here to download apk of Injector

Step 2: After you have downloaded both the apk for installing them, first go to settings, then search for unknown apps and then enable the installation of unknown apps and then tap on install. The app will be installed.

Step 3: For Android 10 and above users, I will suggest you download the app from chrome and then give chrome permission to install apps from unknown sources on your mobile phone and then install both the APKs.

Step 4: After you have installed both the apk open the Virtual Scape app, there you will see two shortcuts, one for pubg mobile and another for Injector. Tap on the Injector shortcut and it will lead you to the hacks. Further, you will see an option for show hacks tap on that and there you will see all the hacks, and on the top left you will see an option for floating apps that will be used to enable hacks after opening the game.

Step 5: Enable that shortcut and then go back to the home screen of the Virtual Space app. Then tap on PUBG Mobile shortcut and then open PUBG Mobile via that shortcut, after the game is loaded tap on that floating widget and enable hacks which you want to use. After enabling the start match and there you will see all the hacks enabled and working. 🙂

PUBG Mobile Hacked
PUBG Mobile Hacked


Above we helped you with hacking PUBG Mobile without using root access and without spending any money on it. Hope you will find this article useful and now can have a fair fight with other hackers. We have done our work now to get to the link as fast as you can and try the hack. If you still have any doubts or you got any issues while using hacks, comment down below and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.


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