10 Best Games like Age of Empires in 2024


Age of Empires first arrived back in the year 1997 and has been one of the top Real-Time Strategy Games (RTS) since then. All the eras such as Stone age, Iron age to Colonialism in North America and South America have been covered by AOE.

Age of Empire focuses on forming armies, building empires, setting up a war against your enemies and ultimately conquering them. The main thing here is to make your empire as big as possible by conquering the world in the game. The essence here is to do smart work to gain over your enemies.

games like age of empires

Best Games Like Age of Empires in 2024

So, if you have been looking for the best games like Age of Empires that have a strategy or a similar gameplay checkout out this list of our top 10 similar games.

1. Homeworld Remastered Collection

With having sold over 250 thousand copies all over the world in the first week itself, this is a real-time strategy game that is set in space. There are a total of 16 levels and are very similar to Age of empires. The game has received a lot of positive feedback from gamers all around the world. The theme of the game is to collect resources and use them to fight the enemies. Try it out today!

2. Age of Mythology

age of mythology

Age of Mythology is itself created from the makers of Age of Empires, Ensemble Studios. The main difference here is that it is based on mythological belief whereas the age of empires is based on historic events. This game is set in Atlantis and has a lot of Egyptian, Greek, Norse mythical legends in the gameplay. 

Similar to AOE, the basic formula of formulating an army, managing your resources and conquests remain the same as the core focus. You can choose from 3 civilizations – Egyptian, Norse and Greek. Thus it allows you to choose your main God, based on which you make your empire and in the process unlock the minor Gods who help by giving energies and special powers to you.

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3. Rise of Nations

RON or Rise of Nations is a dynamic RTS game which is a combination of turn-based strategy and civilization. There are a total of 10 players and 18 nations which can be chosen from. The player has the full ability of country development, economy, territorial expansion, army and other important stuff. The game is based in a small village in stone and ends up around 5000 years later in recent times. Give this game a whirl today and I am pretty sure that you will enjoy it a lot.

4. Sid Meier’s: Civilization VI

Everything from gameplay, strategy to graphics is just awesome about this game. It brings you attempts to make your empire and turn it into a superpower which dominates the world. This game is an advanced game and can be a bit intimidating to players who have started playing in recent times. The music selection gives an added fun and experience to the game. Give it a try if you like to invest time in strategy games and you’ll surely love it.

5. Total War Series

total war series

The Total war series has a lot of resources to play around with that have the core element of strategy including real-time battles as well as management of resources. The protagonist is a Samurai in Sengoku (in Japan) during the fifteenth and the seventeenth centuries. You play the role of a Japanese soldier and Just like Age of empires, you have to do conquests using the military, trade, diplomacy and religion too. The other games of the series are set around Rome 2 which stretches for 300 years.

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6. Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

The game is actually based on the Westwood strategy game known as the dune 2. Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances is a military strategy based game with elements of MMO. The player has the freedom to choose the world he would like to start from and then he grows up his military base. As the game progresses, you have to build up buildings, collect some resources and fight your enemies to survive and win.

7. Age of Wonders Series

The gameplay of the series is based on 4Es – Expand, Exploit, Explore and Exterminate. The game is set in a high fantasy universe and you become the military leader and you have to explore the world build new villages and towns and at the same time conquer lands. There are a lot of races such as Orcs, Edwards and Goblins. With Merlin having his comeback you will definitely enjoy this game.

8. Warcraft III – Reforged

warcraft III

Very much like Age of Empires, Warcraft too is one of the biggest hits in the Real-Time strategy games genre. Being developed by Blizzard, you know the game can’t be bad. The warcraft 3 game is a complete revamp and adds in a lot of spice to the existing gameplay of warcraft. Players have to build their base, make and manage army and recruit heroes. To learn more, you have to play the game.

9. Anno Series

The Anno series is based on building strong city elements and business sim. The different games released under the series have different settings and time zones either in history or the future.

Anno 1404 is based on events such as crusades. Anon 2070 is based on a future where global warming has melted the Arctic ice cap which is causing floods.

Anno 2205 goes even further into the future where you have to create metropolises of the world and look at the fulfilment of the needs of citizens.

10. Bad North

badnorth games like age of empires

This game might have some cartoon type graphics and low music but this is one hell of a game. You have an island and you have to build an army, use weapons and defend it against hordes of Vikings that attack you. The game is really enjoyable. Admitting it is not as hard as AOE but it is definitely a good choice for a light strategy-based game doze.


This covers the list of 10 Best Games like Age of Empires. If you have any suggestions or queries leave them in the comments and make sure to share this one with your gaming friends, as sharing is caring.


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