The 4 Different Types of Digital Files and Their Features


Most people use different digital files today. Files that you can access using your computer, smartphone, and other devices which may or may not be connected to the internet. Each type of digital file has a set of features and usage. Your raw data need to convert into a digital format according to the purpose it may serve best. 

There’s a digital file that will allow you to view and read plain texts. A combination of texts and images and the integration of documents, graphics, audio, and photos are also available in the digital file list in the market. Check the following list of different types of digital files and their features to see which one that you badly need today.



JPG and JPEG that stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group are the same. It’s a common digital format used for uploading graphics, images, or other files online. However, if your photos are in PDF format, you might need to convert them from pdf to jpg free. PDF files are not ideal for uploading any files on the internet. Hence, you have to convert them first to JPG. 

Also, JPG is a format that has a feature that makes the information or data visible and removes others that you can barely see. If the photo is in JPG format, it focuses on the main subject and gives a clear visual register on your device’s screen. You can easily view in JPG format online, and you don’t need to download and install any viewing system software. 

If you get life into social media, make sure to convert your gorgeous photos in PDF file into JPG format. It’ll keep your photos clear online so that your friends and colleagues will surely hit the like button for you. 


The PDF format is an ideal format for viewing and printing documents. It can produce a digital reading material with hundreds or even thousands of pages. It’s popular in creating electronic books, such as encyclopedias, novels, history books, and almost all types of books that can be converted into PDF format. 

Instead of carrying loads of books inside your bags, you can only have them in a digital form that is very easy to use and convenient to access. You can access your PDF files using your desktops, laptops, even tablets, and smartphones that you carry every day. 

PDF doesn’t only contain texts. It includes different graphics, photos, audios, and videos with even interactive features like hyperlinks and buttons. However, for you to use PDF, you need to have a PDF reader. It’s a software that will access, read, and view any PDF files on your device’s screen. 


PNG is another format for different images. It makes your image files online in high-quality, keeping the original visual qualities. It’s also an ideal format for photos with a plain background used as a company or product logo. Some people also use it for photos on a website, Facebook page logos, and profile or cover pictures. 

However, images in PNG format takes a lot of storage. Hence, when you view an image in PNG format online, it sometimes takes time to load. 


GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is in bitmap form of images. It has tiny parts called pixels applicable with graphics with no so many colors. Diagrams, figures, shapes, and logos are some of the examples. If you want your company logo or a product seal to have at least three colors, PNG will give you a great result. 

Moreover, the GIF format doesn’t take much storage. Hence, it’ll be applicable to be posted or published everywhere. However, it isn’t ideal to use this format if the image you’ll be using contains many different colors and has large storage. The photo might look distorted and unattractive due to the color limitation of PNG.


Every paperwork that you’re doing every day needs a particular file format. Each format makes your file effective according to the purpose it may serve. Check on your computer, and see which one needs to convert and what another file format you still need. The different file formats discussed above are only a few of those available online today. Choose one and scan its features to see which one you need most. 


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