Top Helpful Tips and Cheats for Pokemon Fire Red


Everyone in the world wants to get ahead, whether in your personal life or the games you play. There’s a saying, “In life, there are no shortcuts.” That may be true in real life, but not in games. There are shortcuts in games, especially in Pokemon Fire Red. Read on to see some helpful tips and super cheats for this Pokemon Game.

Fire Red? What’s that?

For our Millennial PokeFans out there, you already know what I’m talking about. But, if you’re a Zoomer, then you probably haven’t heard of Pokemon Fire Red, and understandably so. This game was made by Game Freak and released by Nintendo around 16 years ago for the Game Boy Advance console.

Pokemon Fire Red is an upgraded remake of the original Pokemon Red Version. The graphics were now better, and the storyline and mechanics were updated to match what was then the latest generation of Pokemon games, the 3rd Generation. Without further ado, let me present some pokemon fire red cheat codes and tips to better enjoy the game.

Little Push to the Right Direction

This first part contains tips and tricks for Pokemon Fire Red. There are many more hacks available out there, but the ones featured here are what I believe to be the most helpful.

National Dex

Firstly, before I tell you how to update your PokeDex, I’ll explain what a National Dex is. In Pokemon Fire Red, you start with a regular Pokedex. The pokemon listed in it are the ones typically found in the region, in this case, the Kanto Region. The National Dex is when your PokeDex gets upgraded to show the other pokemon that aren’t exclusive in your region.

To upgrade your PokeDex, you need to win against the Elite Four and the Champion and catch 60 different Pokemon species. When you’re done with these requirements, go to Pallet Town and talk to Professor Oak. He will give you the National Dex. This will mainly allow you to access new locations that are exclusive to this version.

Hidden Items

In the Pokemon Universe, you sometimes see a pokeball on the overworld while adventuring. That pokeball represents an item in the game. If you interact with it, you’ll get an item. But, some items are hidden in plain sight. It means that these items aren’t represented by pokeballs but can still be obtained when interacted with.

Finding those items are challenging but not impossible. There is a Key Item in-game that lets you find these hidden things. It’s called the Itemfinder. It works by telling you if a hidden item is nearby. It won’t work automatically, though, and the areas in the map where there are items are specific. So, use it always while adventuring.

Cheat Codes?!

This part is for the Pokemon Fire Red cheats. The codes listed here are from GameShark and are only accessible through GBA emulators, particularly VBA and My Boy. This means you won’t be able to use these codes if you’re playing on a Game Boy Advance or other Nintendo consoles.

The cheats that are listed will range from having infinite cash to gaining levels faster. If you do use these codes, there is a chance that your game will glitch. Here are the cheat codes:

  • Fire Red Rare Candy Cheat      82025840 0044
  • Get all badges      8202658C FFFF
  • Unlimited cash     82025838 104E ,  8202583A E971
  • Unlimited items 42025C96 0063 , 00000014 0004
  • Faster leveling 72024A64 0001 , 82024BEC 01F4
  • No random battles A202166E FF00 , 820255AC 0000
  • Get all Pókeballs 420259D8 0001 , 0001000C 0004 , 420259DA 5212 , 0000000C 0004


There are a lot more guidelines and cheats out there on the internet. The ones here are just the opening act. Using cheat codes to finish a game is generally looked down upon by the public. But at the end of the day, nobody really cares and. What matters is that you had fun doing it.


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