Does In And Out Take Apple Pay?


In N Out Burger is America’s leading fast-food restaurant chain located in over 358 locations. It has become a regional restaurant that serves millions of eaters every day.

The fast-food chain is well-known for its range of burgers which includes cheeseburgers, hamburgers, double patty burgers, and more. If you are using Apple Pay, and want to know does in and out take apple pay?- then this guide will help you clear your doubts.

DOES IN N OUT Take Apple Pay

What else you can order from In N Out?

In N out burger’s primary product is burgers. However, the restaurants have started offering additional popular food items such as french fries, snacks, cold drinks, milkshakes, etc. You can order these side items along with your favorite burger from your nearest In-N-Out restaurant.

Does In and Out Take Apple Pay?

Yes, it does! In and Out restaurants have started accepting payments from Apple’s payment service i.e. Apple Pay. The company started accepting payments through Apple Pay in January 2022. When you visit the restaurant and order your food, you can pay against your order through Apple Pay hassle-free.

What’s interesting here is the restaurant accepts Apple Pay in their restaurants and drive-thru restaurants. You can pay through Apple Pay against your order from In and Out Burger’s drive-thru outlet.

How to Set up Apple Pay on Your iPhone to Make Payment at In N Out Burger?

The process of adding Apple Pay to your iOS device is super easy. Once you set up Apple Pay on your iPhone, you can make payments against your purchases hassle-free. Since In and Out Burger started accepting payments through electronic card readers, Apple Pay users are enabled to pay for their orders through Apple Pay. The following steps will show you how you can set up Apple Pay on an iPhone.

Steps to Set up Apple Pay on iPhone

  • Open the Apps menu and launch the Wallet app.
  • Go to the upper right side and click the + icon, sign in there using your Apple ID and Password.
  • Read all the terms and conditions/ rules and regulations to use the Apple Pay service on your iPhone.
  • Click the Continue button to move further.
  • Now, select either the credit card or debit card option.
  • Enter your card details along with the name and other information asked in the form.
  • At last, you will be asked to enter your Card’s CVV.
  • Read out privacy and policy and then click the Continue button.
  • Click the Ok button to allow the app to access your location when needed.
  • Enter the code received in a text message to verify your card’s details.

You’re done! You have just set up Apple Pay service on your iPhone. From now, you can make transactions using this application from your iPhone. If you haven’t set up the Apple Pay service on your device, do it now by following the above-given steps. Once the setup is done, you can visit the In-N-Out Burger, order your favorite items and make payments using your iPhone.

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How to use Apple Pay at In-N-Out Burger?

If you are wondering about how you can use the Apple Pay app to make payments against your purchases at In and Out Burger restaurant, then follow these steps.

  • The first thing you need to confirm is whether the restaurant is accepting payments through Apple Pay or not. You can ask about the same at the reception. Once confirmed, you can move ahead.
  • Now, at the time of making a payment through Apple Pay, put the backside of your iPhone on the Payment Terminal.
  • After the reader recognizes your device, you will have to permit unlocking your device through Face ID or Passcode, or Touch ID.
  • You can click the Power Button two times if Apple Pay doesn’t show up on your screen.
  • At last, click on to Apple Pay option to complete the payment.

setup apple pay on iphone

Can I use Apple Pay on my Apple Watch at In and Out Burger?

If you are using Apple Watch and want to make payments using Apple Pay from your Apple Watch at In-N-Out Burger, then it is possible. Making payments using Apple Watch is way more convenient than mobile phones or any other method.

Make sure that your Apple Pay app is set up properly, if not, follow the above-given steps to set up the Wallet app by adding your credit card or debit card information. Also, check out How to add PayPal to Apple Pay to Make Any Purchase?

To make payment through Apple Watch at In N Out Burger, just place your Apple Watch at the Payment Terminal. If Apple Pay doesn’t show up, press the button near the dial. The process can now be done easily!

Take Away!

In Out Burger started accepting payments through electronic card readers. Apple Pay has become a more popular choice when it comes to making payments, people started using this service more than any other payment method.

You can make payments against your orders at any In and Out Burger outlet hassle-free by following the steps given above. Make sure you confirm the acceptance of payments through Apple Pay first as, in some locations, this facility is still not made available!


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