PayPal Won’t Let Me Send Money – How to Solve?


PayPal is one of the most trusted online payment systems with millions of its daily users across the globe. The payment system is known for its reliability in sending and receiving money hassle-free. Being a technology-based system, sometimes PayPal won’t let me send money. If you too are facing the same issue while making a transaction using the PayPal app, here’s how to solve it! 

Many PayPal users have reported this issue on PayPal’s official forum sites and other resources. The actual reason why PayPal won’t let me send money is still unknown. However, you can resolve this issue by trying out one of the methods given below!

Paypal Won't Let Me Send Money

How do I Solve “PayPal Won’t Let Me Send Money”?

Usually, PayPal users use three different ways to send money, from the native balance, from the credit or debit card, and from the bank account. If you are using any of these methods, you must check for the appropriate sources from where you are sending money. Here’s a walkthrough to solve this problem. 

1. Check PayPal Balance

PayPal lets you keep money in your pocket to send and receive it hassle-free. It acts as a third-party medium for quick transactions that don’t display in your bank account or credit card statement. 

Check if your PayPal app has sufficient balance if you are trying to send money through the balance that stores in your PayPal account. 

If your PayPal account has sufficient balance but still you are not able to send money, you should check the limitations of transactions on your app. You can set the limit for transactions that might cause this problem. 

PayPal has the right to block your transactions if the app detects some suspicious activities through your account. It may lock down your account for a certain period until the issue is resolved. 

Unable to send money on paypal

2. Check Credit Card Limit

A credit Card or Debit Card is used to transfer money through PayPal instantly. If you use Credit Card or Debit Card for sending money through PayPal, the chances of your debit card or credit card limit is limited. If the limit is reached, you won’t be able to send money using your credit or debit card.

Account blocking is still the primary cause of not allowing you to send money. Make sure that the credit card’s limit or the debit card’s limit is sufficient. If there is a low balance on your credit or debit card, you can’t send money through your PayPal account. Also, check out How to Anonymously Send Money On PayPal?

3. Issue from Bank Account

There comes a time when bank servers are not working properly. In this case, if your PayPal account is connected to a bank account, and if you try to send money through the app, you will not be able to send money due to a server issue with your bank. 

In another case, if the recipient’s account is blocked, you can’t send money. The debited money will be credited back instantly if the recipient’s account is blocked. 

PayPal needs to complete a security check process for every user. If the recipient has not completed the security check process, he won’t be able to receive money from any users. If you try to send money to such PayPal users, your transaction will be rejected and you will not be able to send money. 

These are the reasons why PayPal won’t let me send money. If none of the above methods work after reconfirming them, you have the option to contact PayPal’s customer care department. The customer care executive will look into the problem and resolve it as soon as possible. You may even write an even to PayPal’s customer care when you are not able to solve money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

After following the above fixes, still, I’m not able to send money through PayPal. Why?

If you have checked your PayPal balance, account limitations, and other things mentioned above, the last thing you can do is check your internet connection. If your internet connection is poor or interrupted, you will not be able to send money. 

How do I contact PayPal customer care?

If you are unable to resolve unable to send money on PayPal, you can contact to customer care department. You can either use the Chat function or can directly reach out to the customer care team. There is a community option also available where you can ask questions and get appropriate answers to resolve your queries. 

Is there any page available to resolve common issues of PayPal?

Yes, PayPal has its help center allowing users to search for the issues and get the right answers to them. You can resolve password, payment, transaction, and account-related issues by following the official help center. 


So, this was the guide on how you can resolve PayPal won’t let me send money problem. Try out one of the above-listed methods, find out the reason behind the problem, and resolve it by following the given methods and PayPal’s official help center. 


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