How to Screenshot On Snapchat Without them Knowing?


Snapchat is one of the most secure multimedia messaging application which helps the people to get connected with each other. Using this Social Media Service, people can send their images as well as post stories with others. But, when Snapchat was launched for the first time its screenshot restriction feature becomes the largest selling feature among all.  This feature notifies the user if anyone takes snaps of his/her stories.

As a Snapchat user, you might have questioned How to Screenshot On Snapchat Without them knowing? So, here I’m with the tutorial about some Snapchat Screenshot Hack 2021, which can easily let you take a screenshot on Snapchat without the other person knowing.

There are several ways using which you can privately take the screenshot of anyone’s stories without their knowledge. In this article, we will be discussing such working methods that you can use. We won’t be talking about any kid’s activities like capturing the screen from any other phone and so on.

Well, Snapchat keeps updating its features so any one of the given methods may not work. But, you’ll always have an alternate option as we are going to share the different methods throughout the article. You should check out our guide in case your Snapchat Filters Not Working which we have shared earlier

screenshot snapchat without them knowing

How to Screenshot On Snapchat Without them Knowing?

Many Snapchat users tried to avoid the Snapchat Screenshot Without the knowledge of the other user. But, as Snapchat continuously updating its features, some of them couldn’t do so. The user who has posted the story in which you want to snap gets notified about your activity.

It is a beneficial feature for the owner but a problem for the person who wants to take the screenshot. Here are the few methods where we made it simpler to take snaps using our Snapchat Screenshot Hack 2021.

Method #1. Clearing App Data

This is the first and the most working method which you have to try than any other else. It will not require the installation of any third-party application. Just use a simple hack and you can take a screenshot of anyone’s picture without letting them know. The process is quite simpler, you just need to turn off your Internet connection and take the screenshot. After that simply clear the app data so that Snapchat couldn’t send the notification about your activity. Confused about this process? Well, check out the steps given below.

  • First of all open the Snapchat application and let the story loaded completely which you want to screenshot.
  • After that, Turn Off your WiFi / Internet Connection. You can also Turn On Airplane Mode to close both.
  • Now, take the Screenshot of the Story without turning on the Internet Connection.
  • Go ahead to the final step. Go to your phone’s Settings >> Apps >> Snapchat >> Storage and Tap on Clear Data option.

screenshot on snapchat without them knowing

This is how you can take Screenshot of any Photo or Story on Snapchat without knowing them. The best fact about this method is that you can take the snapshot without the fear of being notified to the other person as your Internet Connection will not be available. The person will also can’t know even you have seen their post. But, the most drawback of using this method that you’ll be logged out from Snapchat and you need to log in again to the application. Every time you follow this method, you have to sign in to your Snapchat application.

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Method #2. Using Screen Recorder

Another way using which you can take Snapchat Screenshot is by using a Screen Recorder Application. I know this method is quite annoying but it seems helpful. Snapchat doesn’t detect whether you are using a Screen Recorder application. So, taking advantage of this issue, we can easily take Snapchat Screenshot without any detection. But, keep in mind that you can recorder the Video using the Screen Recorder Application. After that, you have to take the Screenshot of the Story from the recorded video if you want the image. Let’s see how to perform this task smartly.

  • At first, you have to download any Screen Recorder application from Google Play Store  (Az Screen Recorder works perfectly). Well, some smartphones come with an in-built Screen Recorder, so better to check if your phone has already this feature.
  • Open Snapchat and start the screen recording.
  • When the recording process is on, go through the stories which you want to capture.
  • Once you have visited all the stories which you wanted to Screenshot, you can stop the recording and save the file.

snapchat screenshot without notification

  • Go to the Gallery on your phone and you can see the recorded video there. Just play the video and you can now take as many screenshots you want without any fear.

So, this was another greatest way to take Screenshot on Snapchat without knowing them. The most advantage of this method is that you can take as many screenshots as you want while using Snapchat. You can even Screenshot while chatting with anyone. Make sure to set the highest resolution of the recording so that you can get a clear image. The biggest drawback of this method is that you have some free storage in case you want to record lengthy videos.

#3. Using the Google Assistant

Another working way to save Snapchat Photos without notifying the sender. This method also doesn’t need any third-party application. All you need is Google’s Now on Tap feature. This feature was first introduced with the release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow which is also known as Google Assistant. Make sure that the feature is enabled on your smartphone to use this method. Here is how to do:

  • Open Snapchat and go to the Photos which you want to take a Screenshot.
  • Tap on the Home Button and launch the Google Assistant by saying “Ok Google”.
  • Ask the Google Assistant to “Take a Screenshot” to capture the screen. You can also type this command.

snapchat screenshot

  • That’s all. The Screen will be captured and the sender will not get any notification.

This process is quite simple but it also has a disadvantage too. The images you capture through this method will not be saved directly to your Phone’s Gallery. You can get the image from Google Photos and download it to your device for further use.


These were the solutions for “How to Screenshot On Snapchat Without them Knowing”. All the methods shared in this post are tested by us and all of them are working fine. As the update of June 2018, few methods stopped working. But, don’t worry we have shared the working solutions with you. Do you know any other method? Please let us know through the comments.


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