Splitgate: Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Get Started and Compete


Splitgate is a fascinating, fun game that takes the whole PvP gaming to a whole new level. It is one of the games that have little extra added in the mix that makes it stand out from the field. And in the case of Splitgate, the little extra is the heavy use of the portals in the game. In fact, this game is commonly referred to as a fusion of Halo and Portal.

However, even if you have played both games, do not make the mistake of thinking Splitgate to be the same. It is much more than that. And sure, this game is quite fun and exciting, but it can also be challenging even if you buy the best Splitgate hacks. So, make sure that you are careful and never play this game lightly. The following tips and tricks are quite useful that you can take advantage of to make this game a lot easier.

splitgate tips and tricks

Splitgate: Tips & Tricks

1. Use the portals strategically.

Have you played this game before? Even if you have just seen the game trailer, you already know the importance of portals. They are not in the game just for the show but to truly add to the experience. So, naturally, it makes sense for one to use these portals to the best of their abilities.

However, you also need to be strategical about how you use them as well. Sure, the ease with which a player can make a portal from one place to another and outmaneuver their enemies certainly helps a lot. However, you would not be able to take full advantage of them if you do not use them strategically. Portals are not just a tool that can help you escape a tricky situation; they can do much more.

2. Place your portals across the map.

You need to spread out your portals across the map as quickly as possible. After all, what is the need for your character to walk when it can simply hop on a portal and then jump from one place to another? This way, you can even outflank your enemy positions and take them out without any additional risk. You can also create a portal just beside the enemy respawn point and simply lie in wait to take enemy players out. However, it goes without saying that this strategy can be a double-edged sword. You can half expect experienced enemy players to lie in wait for you to try this out.

3. Remember your portals

It is a pretty common mistake made by many beginners to the game, and to be honest, we can’t blame them that much. With so many portals active, would it really surprise someone if they forget where a couple of leads to, or even where they are placed? But this is something that you must avoid doing so. Portals are what make the difference in the game. So be a bit more strategic in placing the portal and keep a better track of them.

4. Shoot through the portal and take out your enemy players

As mentioned earlier, portals can be used for much more than simply hopping from one place to another. And one of the things that players can do is simply shoot through the ring and take out enemy players. Yes, that is true; you are allowed to shoot through the portals at the enemy positions and catch enemy players off-guard. Does it seem like an underhanded trick? Sure. But it does not mean you should not take advantage of this. After all, it is the fine margins that really decide the game in the end.

splitgate tips and tricks

5. No space for camping

Splitgate is not a game where you can camp and wait for the enemy players to come into your vicinity. Sure, it does seem like a viable option in such a fast-paced game, but you might be forgetting something – your enemies can use the portals to escape. Yes, that is certainly a possibility, and then you can expect them to come back to your position with reinforcement, which would certainly not be a piece of good news.

Now, we are not saying that if you found a strategically good position, you should discard it. But placing all your hopes on one location will simply not do.


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