5 Coolest Android Tricks that Don’t Require Rooting


Many people are mistaken that they must follow the daunting task of rooting their android device in order to make the most of it. Although rooting an android phone does open up the number of possibilities, there are several interesting android tricks that can be actually implemented without going through that daunting process. Let’s tell you about 5 most popular ones here in the short article.

5 Coolest Android Tricks that Don’t Require Rooting

Locking the phone remotely

There’s only one thing worse than losing your android smartphone, losing it and knowing that someone has got access to your important data. However, do you know that you can remotely lock your phone and stop such access by using a specific android trick?! This can be accomplished by using a tool called android device manager that gives you back the control of your device. It allows you to even delete every last bit of data from the phone. Also, check out How to Fix Spotify Wrapped Not Working?

Task automation

In case you’re interested in making your android device perform intuitive actions like connecting to Wi-Fi the instance you enter your home or turning of mobile data at certain places, these things can be accomplished without the need of rooting the device. Just like you can perform certain tasks like clearing the phone’s cache, disabling/removing any bloatware etc. to improve your gaming experience on the phone, you can take certain actions for running such macros too. There are multiple apps available that allow you to set trigger events that make an action happen whenever that event occurs. For instance, you can automatically put your phone on silent mode when you enter your workplace or meeting.

Using LED flash to monitor your heart rate

Many think that no amount of android rooting can give you a heart rate monitor on your phone if it doesn’t have one built inside it already! Well, that’s not true. The technology behind the heart rate monitors running on android devices are mainly about the light which constantly tracks the colour changes under the person’s skin, and monitors the blood passing through. Using the right software on your android phone, this task can be accomplished by the LED flashlight as well. Also, check out FMWhatsApp Apk Latest Version For Android

Turning navigation buttons into shortcuts for launching apps

There are specialised apps available that can help you assign shortcuts for different navigation buttons and allow you to access your favourite apps just by a single or double tap on the screen. For instance, although file manager is extremely useful, it doesn’t look too great on the home screen of the phone. Hence, you can simply double tap the home button and open it up in an instance. The same way, you can set a shortcut for the camera by setting it to open through a tap on the home button, followed by pressing the back navigation key.

Make the most of developer options

Majority of the advanced settings and options that can be accessed without rooting an android phone are hidden inside the developer options menu. By enabling the developer options, you can mask your location, limit the number of background apps, adjust system animations’ speed and do much more.


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