How To Fix Spectrum Router Red Light Issue?


There are varied forms of lights that signify different meanings. After all, lights have an important role to play. A blue light is a positive indication signifying the router and internet are working great. If the spectrum flashes blue light it means that the router is booting up to connect to the internet.

When blue and red lights are flashing simultaneously, this indicates that the firmware of the router is updating and once, it is updated, the device works normally. On the other hand, spectrum router blinking red signifies a critical error.

Why is my Spectrum Router Blinking Red?

Spectrum router red light issue may imply the fault of a router. It results in the disconnection that the Spectrum router is facing with the internet. The cable and cords have to be in top-notch condition.

Spectrum Router Blinking Red Issue

Even slight damage may not just be unsafe for you, but also for the appliance. Hence, ensure that coaxial and Ethernet cables are connected properly. In order to address the issue of the spectrum router blinking red, you need to re-connect every cable to ensure it’s properly working.

How To Fix Spectrum Router Red Light Issue?

There are possible reasons why the spectrum service is down currently the router is facing issues or the Ethernet cable is improperly plugged etc.

Power cycle the router and modem

Power cycling is the procedure of unplugging and plugging back your modem and router. There are a series of troubleshooting tips. This practice has shown the desired results. In the case of batteries, remove them too, and re-insert them after two minutes. Similarly, reconnect the modem and switch it on. Now, look closely at the modem lights, hopefully, they will become blue now. Similarly, once you reconnect the router and turn it on, the router light should equally be blue now.

Reset the Spectrum Router

If in spite of the above steps, the problem doesn’t go away, then it is time to reset the Spectrum router.

  • The reset button is at the router’s back. You can easily see a small button and you can press it with a small household object possibly with a paper clip etc.
  • Press the button for as long as 30 seconds.
  • Release it, and you will see that the router is now rebooting.

You need to set up the username and password after resetting is done since it removes all the saved data. Also, check out How To Setup A Router Without A Modem?

spectrum router red light issue - reset wifi router

Troubleshoot to understand whether Spectrum Service is down

When the Spectrum router red light issue still persists, follow the below steps to know whether there is a service outage in your neighborhood/area.

  • Go to the official website to know and understand service outages.
  • You can see the button which says ‘Check Outages’. Click on it in order to move further.
  • When you are in the bottom right corner of the page, there is a prompted chat box and you need to click ‘Am I in an outage’.
  • This is the time for you to Sign in, so click on the option as you move to the login page.
  • You already have the username and password of the router, so enter the credentials on the login page, as you now ‘Sign In’.
  • The moment you have logged in, things will be clear in terms of whether there is any service outage or not. If there actually is, then you need to wait for some time for the problem to be rectified.

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Contact Spectrum for technician support

Considering that you have undergone all the possible troubleshooting steps, it is time for you to call technical support. Following are the details that you should have in hand:

  • The technical staff may need information such as MAC address. You need to have it from before while accessing the back of the modem and router.
  • Your bills have account numbers, so be ready with the information too
  • Explain to the staff about a series of technicalities that you have undergone such as restarting, rebooting, etc in order to help them take action accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do blinking modem lights signify?

Blinking the modem light means that it is having issues while establishing a connection with the internet.

Blinking red light on Spectrum is the kind of ordeal that means that there is no internet.

Why is my spectrum internet red?

When the router’s light is red, this means no internet. It can be due to several reasons possibly due to a malfunctioning router, spectrum outage, or wear and tear of the Ethernet cable among other factors.


Finally, as you follow the above steps, you get the desired result.  Such a practice is handy and is known for fixing unstable power transmissions or outdated firmware that prevents establishing a connection to the network.


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