How to Fix Netflix error code u7353?


Netflix is no longer something unheard of. The revolution it has brought to the way people consume multimedia is magnificent. Netflix offers both Old as well as new content on a regular basis with HD quality. But as big as this company is errors are something that people often face with the use of services. So. If you are suffering from error code u7353 on Netflix stick around to know how to fix it.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code U7353?

The Netflix error code u7353 generally happens on Windows laptops with the Netflix app installed. If this is your case, don’t worry chances are that after following the steps mentioned below, you will be out of all the error and would be able to enjoy streaming content back again.

How to Fix Netflix error code u7353

Method 1: Restart Netflix App on Windows

Most of the time, it is a situation where a library got a runtime error due to which it could not load. Instead of going the high way, the best method at times like this can be simple as well. Just by doing a simple restart of the app, you will not face any issues like this. To know how to restart, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Press the Windows key and type “Run”. A dialog box will appear. There type “ms-settings:appsfeatures”, press the enter key.

Step 2: The above step will open “Apps and Features” menu of the “Settings”. There you need to find the Netflix app and once found, click advanced options.

Step 3: Now you need to scroll at the bottom till you find Reset tab and press reset.

Step 4: Once this is done successfully, it will reinstall the app with its default configuration.

This should most probably fix your U7353 error. If it is still happening, follow the next method.

netflix error u7353

Method 2: Updating Windows to the latest available update

At times, the u7353 error occurs because of recurring bug with the UWP windows app version and it interferes mostly with the user that has downloaded content from Netflix to watch offline. Netflix had released a fix a little while ago to address this issue from a Microsoft store app update. 

So, if you have auto-update enabled, the app will install and the error will be fixed. However, if you have auto-update disabled follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Windows Search and type Run and wait for the dialog box to open. After this type “ms-windows-store://home”, and tap on enter and the Microsoft store home page will open up

Step 2: Now you need to press action from top right and from there select downloads and updates

Step 3: Now press on Get updates and then Netflix app will update. Wait for it to update.

Step 4: After the update is complete, all you have to do is restart your device and see if the error has been fixed or not

If the error is still bugging, then follow the next method

Solution 3: Clear Netflix cookies

To clear all the Nextflix cookies, go to the URL: and from there clear all Netflix cookies

Once it is done, you’ll be signed out from your Netflix account and then redirected back to the homepage of Netflix.

Now try signing in to your Netflix account. If the error still persists, follow the last method we are about to tell and it will be fixed. Also, check out the Free Netflix Accounts that we have shared just for you.

Method 4: Flush current DNS and change to Google’s DNS

Step 1: Open Run and then type ncpa.cpl and hit the enter button.

Step 2: Once done, right click on Network Connection and from there you have to select properties

Step 3: Now double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and just change the DNS to any of the following server address details:

Preferred server:

Alternate server:

Step 4: Once the above step is done now, flush DNS

Step 5: Enjoy watching Netflix. 

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I hope you could fix Netflix error code u7353. Your error should hopefully get resolved. If you tried all the methods and it still did not work, I would suggest you get your Windows Pc tested by someone. I hope you got answers to all your doubts. If anything is still bugging you, feel free to share it in the comments below and we will help you.


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