How to Fix Hulu Error Code 301?


Hulu, the Internet streaming service, was launched in 2007 and is known for providing quality content to its users. This American-based company has tons of content and positive word of mouth that helped it attract many customers. Users pay to take their subscription to watch their favorite TV shows and movies on any device.

Although users praise Hulu’s streaming quality, many users face error code 301 on it while trying to play any video. So, what is the error, and How to Fix Hulu Error 301? Let’s know in detail in the post.

What is Hulu Error p-dev301?

Before we move on to the How to Fix Hulu Error 301, it’ll be better if we learn about the error.

Error 301 means that there is some problem with the server that isn’t allowing information to retrieve from Hulu’s server to your device.

How To Fix Hulu Error 301

When you watch movies or shows, and “Hulu error code p-dev301” shows up, that means Hulu cannot play the requested video now, which can be annoying.

But, before you blame Hulu, you should check for problems on your end first.

How to Fix Hulu Error 301?

We can’t pinpoint any solution to fix the problem, but we can try doing a few different kinds of stuff, and one of those will work for you if the error is on your end.

Refresh Hulu’s Webpage

A simple reload can fix the problem if you watch movies or series on Hulu’s website. You can press ctrl+R together on windows or Command+Shift+R on Mac to refresh the web page directly. Also, check out 20+ Latest Free Hulu Accounts & Passwords

Clear Browser’s Cache

It might be possible that the issue was on Hulu’s end, and the issue is resolved. If you use a browser, it might be possible to cache the error page. So, you can try clearing your browser’s cache.

Try Different Device

You can try using your Hulu account on a different device; if you don’t face the error, then there’s surely some problem with your device. You can try restarting your device and checking whether the issue is resolved.

Update Web Browser

 If you use an old version of a web browser, then that might cause the Hulu Error 301. You can update your web browser to the latest version and try playing any video on Hulu.

Hulu Errorr Code p-dev301
Fix Hulu Error Code p-dev301

Update Hulu App

We learned that an old web browser could cause the error; in the same way, an outdated Hulu app can create the same issue. It’ll be better if you update the Hulu app from the store and check if the issue gets resolved or not. Also, check out How to Unblock Hulu Outside US?

Internet Connectivity

Hulu requires a high-speed internet connection to stream videos without any buffer. If you are having any problems with your Internet connection, it might be possible that this is the reason for your Hulu 301 error. You can check your router and modem for any kind of error. It’ll be better if you turn off your router or modem on again; this might fix your problem, or if it doesn’t, you can contact your internet provider or try using different Internet services.

Clear Hulu App’s data

There might be a possibility that some local files interrupt your Hulu account to retrieve data from Hulu’s server; you can clear the cache and data of your Hulu app to get rid of this problem. Also, check out How To See and Delete Hulu Watch History?

DNS Configuration

There might be some possible problems with the DNS configuration. Although the Network adapter automatically detects and adapts the DNS settings, sometimes it doesn’t, so you must manually enter them.

Using In Multiple Devices

If your Hulu account is logged in on multiple devices, it violates Hulu’s terms and causes the error. So, if your Hulu account is logged in on multiple devices, log out from all, try using only one, and check if the issue is still there, then try other methods.

Configure Date and Time

Some online streaming apps don’t work properly when the date and time are incorrect. If you find your device’s date and time incorrect, configure it properly. Also, check out How to Block Hulu Ads (4 Methods) in 2024?

Reboot Your Device

A simple reboot can fix the error if the problem lies within your device. The process of rebooting your device may vary depending on your device, and I’m sure you know how to reboot your device.

hulu anime

Check Different Communities

If any of the above methods didn’t work for you, you should check different Hulu communities on social media and see if everyone is facing the issue or just you. If the error lies with everyone, wait for Hulu to fix the issue.


So, this guide was all about Hulu Error 301 and different ways to fix it. I hope your issue is now resolved, or if you are still facing it, then it’ll be better to contact Hulu support. They will assist you with what you should do to get the issue fixed.


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