How to Fix ITV Error Code 01-01?


ITV is a free-to-air-public broadcast network managed by the British Government. It was launched as an independent Television network in 1955. With millions of active daily users, ITV is UK’s one of the most popular networks. 

Many users have reported ITV Error Code 01-01 while they try to stream ITV. If you too are struggling with the same error and want to know how to Fix ITV Error Code 01-01, then this guide will help you fix this error quickly. 

What does ITV Error Code 01-01 mean?

The ITV Error Code 01-01 usually occurs when you try to access ITV Hub outside the UK. ITV network is geo-restricted within the territory of the UK. Whenever you try to access the hub outside the UK, the chances of getting the ITV Error Code 01-01 are high.

What is ITV Error Code 01-01

The government has put up geo-restrictions to protect the license agreement and other copyrights of the content. For that reason, ITV Hub is made available for access within the limit of the United Kingdom. 

Why you are not allowed to stream ITV outside the UK?

When you access ITV’s network, it will fetch your IP address to determine your current location. If your current location is outside of the UK, you will see this error message due to geo-restrictions imposed by ITV.  

Besides this, some users live in the UK and still get this error code. It is because of multiple reasons such as Internet-related problems, outdated app, etc. We will cover each of these issues in the below-given fixes. Let’s jump on to the methods to fix this error code. 

fix ITV Error Code 01-01

How to Fix ITV Error Code 01-01?

There are multiple ways with which one can resolve the ITV Error Code 01-01 and start streaming ITV Hub Network for unlimited entertainment for free. Here, we have compiled the best working methods to fix ITV Error Code 01-01. 

1. Check for Internet-related Issues

First things first, if your Internet connection is poor or is not working properly, you will have to face multiple issues while trying to stream ITV or any other videos on any other app. Internet is the main requirement to stream what you love on your computer system or your mobile device. 

Here’s how you can fix the internet-related issues. 

  • If you are using a smartphone, kindly turn off your data and turn it on again to see if the issue is fixed. 
  • If your device or PC system is connected to a WiFi network, consider restarting the router and the error should be fixed. 
  • If you see the same error even after rebooting your router, make sure to check the internet speed of your WiFi network. Go to the relevant speed-testing site and check for internet speed. If the internet speed is fluctuating or is poor, consider switching to a new network with a stable and high-speed internet connection. 

2. Check for the Device-related Issues

Many users face such errors just because of the malfunction with the device itself. You need to check for device-related issues also if you are unable to fix the error with the above method. 

  • To fix the device-related issue, disconnect your device from the smartphone and wait for at least 30 seconds to reconnect. Make sure to wait for at least 30 seconds before re-connecting your device to the internet connection.
  • If the issue is persisting, restart your device. Reboot the device and turn it on after a few seconds. Then connect it to the internet connection and launch the ITV app to see if the issue is fixed.
  • You can try streaming the ITV on another device to verify your device’s authenticity. Make sure to stream your favorite content on any other device on the ITV network. 

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3. Check for App-related Issues

Sometimes an outdated app with bugs creates many problems for the users. For that, you should also check for app-related issues while streaming the ITV network on your device. 

Make sure that you are using the latest version of the ITV app on your device. You can check for the new update and if there is an update available for you, kindly click the update button to update the app to its latest version. 

If you are using the latest version of the app, kindly clear the cache memory of the ITV app from your device and see if the issue is resolved.

One more fix you can try out here is simply to log out from the ITV network, reboot your device and then turn it on. Re-login to the ITV app by using the existing login credentials and see if the error is resolved! Also, check out How to Fix Crunchyroll Error Code Shak-1002?

4. Contact ITV Customer Care

If none of the above-listed solutions work for you, the last thing you can do is contacting to ITV customer care. The support team will look into the matter and they will fix the error at the earliest. You can reach out to ITV Hub customer care support team by clicking out here

Final Words: 

That’s how you can fix the ITV Hub Error Code 01-01. The above list of solutions includes all the working methods by which you can try to fix this known error. If you know of any other such method to fix the ITV Error Code 01-01, let us know in the comments section given below this post.


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