7 Best Games like Spiritfarer in 2024


Spiritfarer as per its name is the game that revolves around spirits. The protagonist Stella, a ferrymaster has the duty of helping spirits move to the afterlife as a way of providing guidance to their final journey. The game talks about a visually captivating and animated world full of spirit passengers.

It offers a pleasant change away from deaths and destruction resulting from shooting and violence.


About Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer is an inspiring game that teaches gamers to always look ahead without thinking about the past. It creates a positive vibe of always being optimistic about life.

The game teaches us to let things go and move on. This is an important aspect in the current generation where depression is slowly gripping people.

Considering the massive popularity of the game, the post highlights the 7 best games like Spiritfarer in 2024.

best games like spiritfarer

7 Best Games like Spiritfarer in 2024

A Short Hike

a short hike

The main character that is depicted in a 3D island namely Hawk Peak National Park is a bird who is called Claire. Right in the place that is full of hikers, the bird seems to be slightly concerned. Reason? It is trekking to the highest peak in order to respond to the cell reception from an urgent call. While on the journey, it is interacting and bonding with fellow travelers on the way.

The game has considerate similarity to Spiritfarer which believes in the basic ideology, that life isn’t a destination, it is indeed a journey. As a fan of Spiritfarer, you would have surely liked the serene tone and ambiance of Spiritfarer, so be prepared that you are equally going to enjoy the game too.

Cozy Grove

cozy grove

Cozy Grove is another game like Spiritfarer where the protagonist Spirit Scout has the responsibility of giving a helping hand to the ghost residing on an island. What does the help it offers? Well, the Spirit Scout collects items and turns them into meaningful and useful crafted objects.

The creators of the game know the importance of constantly giving newfound reasons to attract gamers. Yes, the gamers also find themselves unlocking new challenges and secrets on the constantly changing island.

Hence, the gamers have the task of bringing the island to its former glory and prestige. The game is very special both in terms of design and visual representation. Even the soundtrack is accordingly created to uplift the game’s mood.


Afterparty - best games like Spiritfarer

Another one of the best games like Spiritfarer in 2024 is Afterparty. Suited for a mature audience with adult humor, the tone is light with a comedic feel. The protagonist of the story Milo and Lola were excited about celebrating their graduation party. However, they got the biggest shock of their lives after realizing that they had died and gone to the spirit world of hell.

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What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch game

The protagonist of the story is Edith who is a member of the Finch family. The said character’s family is affected by a curse which results in one unusual death of a member of each generation. This becomes naturally very concerning for Edith who embarks on a journey to uncover the stories of the ancestors in the family home. She has a personal account of knowing the truth by reliving the final moments by using their belongings.

The feeling of mystery and confusion starts to become clear behind the adverse effect that the curse has on her family. The story is a combination of different emotions showcasing love and grief and the basic functioning of a family that falls apart. The players find the narrative exciting and catching.



Oxenfree is another one of the games like Spiritfarer but with a tinge of more horror revolving around a group of friends. While visiting an abandoned military island, unaware of the lurking danger, he accidentally opens a ghostly rift. Being a point-and-click adventure game, the players have complete control to decide the next course of action.

The game can find itself having a series of different endings with respect to the type of action the players actually take. The game is spooky, and heartwarming and extensively binds the interest of the player.


mutazione game

The main character in the game is Kai whose ill scientist grandfather has been serving as a caretaker of the magical island. The game gives a close view and vibe about the greenery, harmony, and visuals such as landscapes signifying the beauty that nature has to offer. The main task hovering around the game is the exploration of the island. There are a series of actions that go on a continuous basis, such as looking after the greenery, in terms of maintaining various gardens and taking care of the plants that are just sprouted from seeds.

All the mutant islanders co-exist harmoniously but there is an eerie danger hovering over one and all. The process of fulfilling the specified tasks gives way to more information about the past which results in cementing the relations while creating a more focused and stronger network.


ori game

The game talks about a young boy Ori who is high in inspiration to remove evil spirits from his home forest. The game talks about various forms of great performances as it depicts the artistically hand-painted world. It offers mind-blowing reasons for great adventure that will remove the boredom of gamers. Also, check out Top 10 Best Games Like Huniepop That You Can Play

FAQS about Games Like Spiritfarer

Is Stella a boy or a girl?

Stella in the game Spiritfarer is played by a young ambitious girl who has the task and onus to guide spirit to the afterlife.

Which game is similar to Spiritfarer?

There are various games that are as enjoyable and worth playing as that of Spiritfarer such as Cozy Grove, A Short Hike, etc (mentioned in the post above).

Which are the worst spirits that are denoted and found in Spiritfarer?

Mickey and Bruce are regarded to be very mean and stubborn spirits due to their bad actions, which are beyond expectations.

Final Thoughts

Finally, aforesaid are the 7 best games like Spiritfarer in 2024. All of them deserve to be on the list due to their power of holding the interest of gamers. People are rightly attracted and fascinated given the enjoyable and exciting phases.


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