How to Delete Snapchat Account Permanently? 


Wondering how to delete Snapchat account permanently? If yes then we are here to help you out. Snapchat is one of the most unique photo-messaging apps that lets you send snaps of your daily life to your friends with amazing filters and masks. You can even create short videos and play games with your friends on Snapchat. 

The app is good in terms of privacy as it doesn’t allow anyone to save your snaps or videos, even if someone takes a screenshot of your snaps, Snapchat will notify you. No one can even read your text messages as they disappear soon after you read it.  

How to Delete Snapchat Account?
How to Delete Snapchat Account?

There are lots of other features as well but not everyone likes Snapchat if you have created an account already and looking forward to how to delete your Snapchat account permanently, follow the guide below. 

We have elaborated the whole procedure of deleting your Snapchat account permanently below but before that make sure you have downloaded your profile data. Also, read out how to delete Instagram account 

How to download your Snapchat profile data before deleting your account?

You can download your Snapchat profile’s data before permanently deleting your account. This data consists of your snap history, an overview of your friend, location history, search history, and more. 

  • Go to and login into your account using the credentials. 
  • Click on “My data” and submit a request to download a copy of your data. 
  • After this, Snapchat will email you the download link for your data. Follow the downloading procedure in the mail that you will receive. 

How to Delete Snapchat Account Permanently?

The procedure to permanently delete a Snapchat account takes around 30 days; therefore, you can recover your account within that time period by logging into your account again. We have also shared a guide to delete Netflix account

Moreover, your friends won’t be able to send you snaps or text messages once you deactivate your account and once the 30 days’ time is over, your Snapchat account will be deleted permanently and all of your data will be removed from Snapchat’s server. 

Method 1:  

  • The first method is to visit from a web browser as there is no option to delete the account in the app. 
  • Check the box to verify yourself as a human. 
  • Login and enter your account details once again. 
  • Now you will see an option to delete the account, click on it. 
  • That’s all! Snapchat will keep your data in its server for only 30 days just in case you change your mind and want access to your account. 

Method 2:  

The second method of permanently deleting your Snapchat account is as follows: 

  • Launch your browser and go to 
  • Scroll down a little until you find the support option under the company section. 
  • Click on “Learning the basics” >> Account Settings >> Delete an Account. 
  • Now, follow the same steps as mentioned in the first method to permanently delete you Snapchat account. 
  • In this way, you can permanently delete your Snapchat account. 

Final Words:

That’s all you have to do to get rid of the social media world. Snapchat is a really addictive social media platform and can be a little more addictive for those who enjoy taking pictures. 

If you have decided to move on from virtual life and wondering how to delete Snapchat account permanently in 2024, make sure you follow the procedure we have mentioned above and don’t forget to download your Snapchat profile data. 


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