How to Fix Spotify Wrapped Not Working?


Spotify is undoubtedly the most popular online music streaming platform. The platform has gained massive popularity with its exceptional music library. Now and then, the company releases new updates to Spotify with new features and functions.

Spotify works smoothly on your phone and gives you the best music experience with curated playlists. However, some users of Spotify face Spotify Wrapped 2021 Not Working issues when they try to load Spotify Wrapped on their devices. Let’s see how to fix Wrapped Not Working on Spotify error.

fix spotify wrapped not working
Spotify Wrapped 2021 Not Working

If you are new to Spotify and don’t know about Spotify’s new feature i.e. Spotify Wrapped, then here’s what you should know about this feature of Spotify.

What is Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped is a marketing campaign run by Spotify that includes a year-in-review playlist. It’s a campaign that helps users see what they might have missed in the previous year.

Spotify Wrapped includes the most popular songs, best of artists and playlists, how many minutes of music people listen to on Spotify, and much more. The data is curated from your history.

It’s a new feature added by Spotify and more and more users are trying to fetch their information. However, not everyone gets a chance to see their history on Spotify as they see Spotify Wrapped Not Working error message when trying to load Spotify Wrapped.

Well, there are some fixes available to get rid of this error message on your Spotify app. We will try to explain how you can fix this error message to see your Spotify Wrapped on your device. Let’s get on to the fixes now!

Methods to Fix Spotify Wrapped Not Working

Method 1: Clear Spotify App Cache

Spotify is an online music streaming app for all users. Premium subscribers can download their favorite music tracks or albums to listen to them offline. While streaming the music online, the app stores cache files.

Cache files can invite many problems while using the app just like any other software or app on your mobile phone or computer system. For that reason, it’s become essential for you to clear the Spotify App Cache files to clear the Spotify Wrapped Not Working error.

One can clear the Cache files of the Spotify App from their mobile phone by simply visiting the apps manager and selecting the Spotify app, then selecting the clear cache option to clear the cache memory from the device.

iOS users can delete the Spotify app and reinstall it on their device from the AppStore to clear the Cache Files or can simply unload the app from the Settings menu by selecting the Spotify app.

Method 2: Update the Spotify App

Sometimes due to a bug, the mobile app might not work properly. If there is a new version update of the Spotify app, make sure to update it immediately to fix all the bugs present on the existing version of the app.

To update the app, go to Play Store from your Android device and search for the Spotify app. Click on the Update button to start the downloading process. The app will be updated once the downloading process is finished.

On an iOS device, go to App Store, search for the Spotify app and click on the Update button. The update should start downloading itself. Then click the Get button to install the update.

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Method 3: Update Your Device

If your device is not updated to its latest software version, you might not be able to use the apps properly. For that reason, you should check for the new software update on your device and update it quickly.

Go to the Settings menu from your Android device, scroll down and select the Software Updates option. Download the software and update your device if there is a new update available.

On an iOS device, go to the Settings menu and select the Software Update option. You can download the update and then install it manually on your device. It will take some time to download the update and install it on an iOS device.

Method 4: Switch to a Different Network

If you are using your mobile phone’s data, turn off the mobile phone data and then turn it on after some time. Since the new Spotify Wrapped feature requires an Internet connection, the Spotify Wrapped Not Working error message can be fixed simply by switching to a new Internet connection or restarting the mobile data.

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Method 5: Search for Wrapped Manually in the App

The banner of Wrapped 2021 can be seen on the homepage of Spotify’s mobile app. The error message pops up when users try to open the Wrapped 2021 right from their homepage.

To get this issue resolved, search for Spotify Wrapped manually. Go to the Spotify app and select the Search bar. Type in “Spotify:special:2021” and then select the card of Wrapped 2021 from the search results.

The Bottom Line:

Spotify Wrapped is a useful feature for those who are serious about music. The feature lets you see what you have explored throughout the year and what you might have missed. Everything is presented in this feature right on your mobile phone from the Spotify app.

Hopepfully, you were able to fix Spotify Wrapped Not Working issue by following one of the above-given methods. If you know any other such methods that can fix Spotify Wrapped Not Working error, then let us know so that it can help others.


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