Is It Good To Avoid Pvp While Leveling In Wow? – A Comprehensive Guide


In World of Warcraft, Player vs. Player (PvP) denotes combat between players of any type. It may include duels, battlegrounds, and Arena matches. PvP is entirely different from PvE, which includes human players competing against digital enemies or components of the game.

Experienced players suggest that you level up your character with PvP. However, competing in PvP is never easy, as it takes a lot of determination and grit. Players can earn points and rewards by competing in battlegrounds. The level 10 marks the commencement of the first battleground. So, will you avoid PvP while leveling in WoW? Here is a comprehensive guide to competing in PvP while leveling in WoW. 

Can You Avoid PvP in WoW?

You can opt out of the PvP mode and enroll in PvE. However, if you want to progress as a professional player, it is crucial to compete in PvP. The essence of playing WoW lies in searching for quests and leveling the characters. 

Pvp While Leveling In Wow

Moreover, you must know about the four tabs in the player interface. The four tabs are casual, war games, premade groups, and rated. The best way to level your character is by competing at the casual tab. 

The Types of PvP in WoW

To know whether PvP is good or bad for leveling, you must be aware of its types. Listed are the types of PvP in WoW. 

Duel Players

In this kind of PvP, players can accept or deny a duel. You can choose the circumstances about when to participate in the contest with other players. Note that dueling is helpful for players who want to progress. 


If you are someone who wants to play the game together, enrolling in battlegrounds is a must. One of the key highlights of battlegrounds is that it offers numerous participation rewards to players. 


The arena in WoW doesn’t consider the objectives but primarily focuses on the PvP conflicts. If you want to evolve as an expert player, participating in arenas is crucial. 

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The Pros of PvP You Should Know

Listed are the advantages of PvP players must know. 

PvP Teaches You How to Tackle Challenges

One of the key highlights of PvP is its ability to add an additional layer of challenge to your leveling experience. In other words, you will face real players with their own unique strategies and strategies. In the PvP mode, players can compete in dynamic and exciting battles. PvP can keep you engaged and motivated to level up. It also offers you with a break from the regular questing tasks. 

Improves Your Gaming Skills

Engaging in PvP encounters while leveling can help you become a better player. Furthermore, it teaches you how to adapt to different situations and enriches your decision-making skills. By developing your skills, you can purchase a gladiator title wow and rise above your competition. 

Increases Your Chances of Earning High Rewards

Some zones in WoW offer additional rewards or bonuses for participating in PvP. From gaining experience to earning points, players can secure top rankings. 

Cons of PvP

While PvP may be suitable for beginners, the same cannot be said for expert players. Here is a major disadvantage of PvP to know. 

Imbalanced Battles

In the open-world PvP, you may come across players who are better equipped and talented. It can be discouraging and may force you to steer clear from PvP. 

avoid pvp in wow

Things to Remember While Leveling in PvP

Listed are the things to consider while leveling in PvP. 

Lessons Derived at the Game’s Climax

It usually denotes that players will derive essential lessons and insights once the game ends. To level up in WoW, you should refrain from opting out of the game in the middle. 

Rates and Degrees

If you are frequently winning matches, rates and degrees are integral aspects to consider. The ones who are inexperienced will compete against identical counterparts. With this knowledge, you can participate without being baffled. 

Help Sources

One of the key highlights of participating in WoW is that it offers you numerous sources and websites related to the game. You will also get a gladiator title boost to build your reputation in the game. 

Having a clear understanding of the pros and cons of PvP will help you level up appropriately. After knowing about leveling via PvP, you can upgrade in the WoW arena effortlessly. To level up against your rivals, consider visiting SecretShop for a gladiator title boost. The store partners with some of the best players in WoW.  


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