Fix the “Erase Assistant is not Supported On This Mac” Error


Technology has automated tasks while also making the users aware of what to do next in case of an error. Yes, I am talking about the situation where Mac users are encountering the error “Erase Assistant is not supported on this Mac”. So, if you report the same, don’t worry. There is a way out to solve it. Let me first highlight what Erase Assistant is.

What is Erase Assistant?

The Erase Assistant is a macOS feature that is useful in situations when the user is resetting the MacBook to factory settings. It may be only when they are selling, resetting, or reinstalling the macOS. In short, users can realize the nature of this feature at the time of using it.

what is erase assistant

Who can use Erase Assistant?

Erase Assistant is an exclusive feature of Apple Silicon and T2 chip, as you can factory reset your Mac. It makes your handset foolproof and safe by removing your data (including bank details) and settings.

Who can’t use Erase Assistant?

Intel-based Macs Macs that don’t have a T2 chip won’t be able to use Erase Assistant. To complete reset, they have to depend on Disk Utility.

Check for software updates

As the most basic step that leads to troubleshooting for the query, you need to ensure that your Mac is running on the latest version of macOS. Since the compatibility issues may prevent the device from properly functioning.

Let’s now take a look at the possible solution of what to do next, in case you get an error.

Fix Erase Assistant is not Supported On This Mac Error

How to Fix the “Erase Assistant is not supported on this Mac” Error?

When you are removing your data from your Mac device, then carefully take a backup. Since erasing your Mac with the feature of Error Assistant can’t be undone. Hence, follow the below steps to backup the personal data and settings with the assistance of Time Machine or any other recommended backup tool.

  • Go to “Settings” and then “General” in the sidebar and choose Transfer or Reset
  •  Click “Erase all content and Settings
  • As a security feature, you can only move forward by typing the admin password, followed by clicking “Unlock
  • The automated system asks you to “Confirm
  • Based on the feature, you are directed to log out of Apple ID, followed by choosing “Continue”
  • Click “Erase All Contents and Settings” to proceed

As you correctly followed the above steps, your Mac will undergo a restarting phase. Switch it off and your new owner won’t find any of the confidential details that were once a part of the device.

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Resolving “Erase Assistant is not supported on this Mac”

There, you have finally come so far with the steps and instructions to solve the basic query. However, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that if you own an Intel-based Mac that doesn’t have T2 Security Chip, then the Mac won’t be supporting Erase Assistant altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting the error “Erase Assistant is not supported on this Mac”?

Firstly know whether your Mac device is compatible with Erase Assistant. Users of the model namely Apple Silicon along with Macs that have T2 Security Chip can only use Erase Assistant. That is significantly important especially when you are resetting the computer to factory settings. This also primarily means, that Intel-based Macs that are devoid of the T2 Security Chip are not entitled with the feature.

What makes Erase Assistant extremely important to be used?

Erase Assistant is important since, you don’t want your confidential data (that was once a part of your dearest computer) in the form of bank details, Apple ID, or Touch ID to easily go into the wrong hands. It will otherwise be such a nightmarish experience to consider the dangers, so be sensitive and dutiful and remove your Mac with any sensitive data remaining. So, ensure complete peace of mind with a timely decision that doesn’t bring any harm in the future forever.


So, there you have it – a guide to fix the Erase Assistant is not Supported On This Mac error. Mac users can now follow the above steps and remove the possibility of an error that is stopping them from doing a factory reset. Users also need to be mindful of the models that support Erase Assistant as it primarily holds a decisive role too.


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