How to Turn Your iPhone Into a VoIP Phone?


VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. What this implies, in essence, is that instead of using a conventional phone line, communications are routed via an alternative medium such as the Internet or an external network. More and more companies, including Apple, are realizing the benefits of VoIP. Businesses may decide to buy numbers online for various reasons like security, anonymity, better service, and to take advantage of the other features that come with VoIP services.

The iPhone’s usefulness and its adaptability among working professionals across industries can’t be overstated. Similar to how the iPhone redesigned the phone itself, VoIP technology has altered the communication landscape. Combining these two advancements makes utilizing a VoIP iPhone app for making and receiving calls a breeze.

How to Turn iPhone into a Voip Phone

What Is iPhone VoIP?

The Apple iPhone is, without a doubt, the most sought-after mobile device in the world right now. There are literally millions of people waiting impatiently outside of Apple stores around the world every time a new version is released. People like the iPhone for various reasons, including its adaptability, availability, popularity, and ease of use. The iPhone makes it possible to make quick international VoIP calls.

Reasons for Using iPhone VoIP

  • Set your iPhone to utilize WiFi as its default calling mode by flicking a digital switch.
  • The iPhone simplifies the use of voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services in many ways. The iPhone’s built-in VoIP capabilities are explained in length on the official support page.
  • In a corporate setting, Apple makes it simple to set up WiFi calling between an iPhone and any other Apple device, including an iPad or Apple Watch.
  • If you want to make a call but don’t want to pull out your phone, you may use your Apple Watch or an app on your iPad to connect to your iPhone. It can’t get any easier than this!

How to Use a VoIP App with Your iPhone?

Using third-party software or services makes it easy and convenient to make VoIP calls from an iPhone. These services help keep track of calls, monitor call volume and activity, and maintain privacy. These third-party applications are helpful when making international calls as well. Some benefits you and your business might get from adopting a VoIP app are as follows –

  • Making an international call with a VoIP service is less complicated and more cost-effective than ever before.
  • VoIP technology calls are free of roaming, long-distance, or international fees since they are sent via the Internet. Quickly and cheaply contact anyone from Beijing to New York – there are no bounds.
  • In more expansive settings, team members may enjoy the same degree of independence by using their own preferred calling app. Team members are no longer shackled to a single location by a bulky phone.
  • One may work from home, a conference room, or any other quiet company location while taking calls. There should be a specific emphasis on this in big offices when hundreds of calls are made daily.
  • It’s possible to use various methods to make VoIP calls on an iPhone, and many VoIP services have dedicated iPhone applications.
  • Some VoIP companies include an iPhone app (basically a softphone) with their service, while others don’t provide this at all. Your existing VoIP home phone service may be expanded with the help of a dedicated iPhone app.
  • Phone calls made via an iPhone VoIP app cost little more than regular phone calls and are sometimes free to download.
  • Like other mobile VoIP services, VoIP on the iPhone is fantastic for making international calls. VoIP offers far more affordable international rates than cell phone networks.

It’s important to remember that if you need to utilize free WiFi, you’ll have to use up some of your mobile data. We advise a flat-rate or unlimited data package for VoIP users.

Advantages of a VoIP App for iPhone Users

The next step after learning how to set up a VoIP app on your iPhone is to investigate the benefits of doing so. Whether you’re sick of paying too much or need a more adaptable method of communication for your geographically scattered staff, an iPhone VoIP setup may help you in several ways.

1. Simple to Set Up

Private branch exchange (PBX) systems installed on-site often need much floor space. There’s also the cost in terms of man hours and resources required to get everything set up and running well. On the other hand, apps from the App Store may be downloaded in under two seconds and, once installed, can be opened and navigated in a matter of seconds.

2. Enhanced Privacy

When you use your personal number for business purposes, it might be challenging to distinguish between business and personal calls. With a VoIP app, you can have both business and personal conversations on the same device without revealing your personal mobile number. Adding a second phone number to your iPhone allows you to distinguish between calls meant for your VoIP number and those meant for your regular phone number. You may then decide whether or not to take any calls linked to work while using your personal mobile phone.

3. Cost-Effective

VoIP’s low maintenance and cheaper installation expenses are significant selling points compared to traditional landline telephone systems. In addition, the cost of a VoIP service often reduces each month as the number of customers and phone lines grows. The cost of making calls to other countries is also reduced compared to using a regular mobile service provider.

An iPhone VoIP system makes maintaining low prices and excellent customer satisfaction simple. Most updates to your VoIP software will be downloaded and installed automatically. There will never be any costs associated with them (you can bypass doing this manually by enabling auto-updates in your iPhone settings).

4. Portability

While the invention of landlines was revolutionary when it was first introduced, in today’s extremely mobile society, they are mostly obsolete. Business dealings across borders and telecommuting are on the increase. Thus, you must be able to access your business notifications whenever and wherever possible.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications function like softphones, including all the features you’d find on a regular desktop. You now have a central hub for all of your company’s communications. Also, you’ll never have to worry about cumbersome hardware since everything is run by software that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.

5. Highly Scalable

VoIP is one of the web technologies that help companies expand with minimum investment. It will help you grow your business right from your phone system since you will no longer be limited by miles of cables and hundreds of desk phones. Thanks to the web, it’s simpler than ever to expand your company’s workforce from a handful of workers to hundreds or thousands of associates. Also, check out How to Find Lost or Stolen iPhone Using Find My iPhone ?

Additional Features for VoIP Calls on iPhone

It’s important to remember that not all VoIP services are created equal. Be sure to choose the features for your virtual phone system’s calls that your company will really use, both now and in the future. Like their desktop equivalent, the best iPhone VoIP software has all the same capabilities as traditional landline phones. You can manage your company from anywhere and maintain constant contact with your customers and team members with the proper telephony and conferencing infrastructure.

Selecting the Right VoIP App for Your Business

The sheer variety of options available may make it difficult to choose the perfect VoIP application for your iPhone (and, more significantly, your company). You may narrow your search by looking at reviews online, where you’ll find top-rated applications that suit your needs. You may also use a variety of additional strategies, including –

1. Get Feedback from Users by Reading Reviews

You should hear from existing customers before making any decision. You may learn a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of a VoIP application by reading user reviews on unbiased websites. For example, an alternative VoIP provider, Google Voice, has received negative feedback for its lackluster call quality and unresponsive customer support. In the beginning, reviews assist you in weeding out any subpar service suppliers.

2. Think About the Price Before You Buy

When making a purchase, the price usually plays a significant role for businesses. VoIP applications for the iPhone are often less expensive than conventional office phone systems. However, inspecting the service’s price structure for hidden expenses is wise. To ensure that you know precisely what you’re getting into, good quality VoIP app providers keep their pricing options charged per user per month (with no startup costs).

3. Check Out All the Available Options

One significant advantage of downloading an app is that it may provide access to functions that are not included in the iPhone. Among these features can be a contact list, which serves as a minimalist customer relationship management (CRM) system and is ideal for organizing and keeping track of ideas for future projects or just keeping track of your own thoughts. You can easily and efficiently handle client inquiries with features like auto-replies and group dialing, along with basic features like call forwarding and voicemail.


Thanks to the iPhone’s innovative features and VoIP, you and your company will benefit greatly from upgrading to a reliable and high-quality VoIP service. This will allow you to take advantage of the ease of receiving business VoIP calls on your mobile phone, computer, smartwatch, or any other device. As several low-cost VoIP phone providers are on the market, you can be confident that your telephony service is in excellent hands. Upgrade to a VoIP service and see how it may improve your company’s operations.


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