How To Fix VyvyManga Not Working?


If you are a big fan of VyvyManga formerly known as MangaOwl and experiencing difficulties while exploring the stories of the game for any reason, then this guide will help you fix VyvyManga not working issue! 

There are many reasons why you experience difficulties while playing your favorite game such as VyvyManga. Today, we will discuss the known reasons why VyvyManga not working and the best working solutions to fix it. Let’s collect some useful details about this.

Why VyvyManga is Not Working?

There are many reasons why VyvyManga stopped working or facing issues while loading on your device. However, we have prepared a list of potential reasons which could prevent users from accessing the game. 

Server Issue

Sometimes the game doesn’t load properly due to server issues from the provider’s side. This issue is very common in all the games. 

Poor Internet

The game requires a stable internet connection. Poor Internet connection causes many other issues with other games and apps on your device. 

Browsing History

Your web browser app stores your browsing data which could create problems while loading the app or game on the device or on the computer system. 

VPN Connection

If you are using a VPN connection, you might face VyvyManga Not Working issue as VPN switches your current network and location. 

These are some of the common reasons why VyvyManga Not Working. Now, there are many working solutions available to us to fix the error. Let’s get on to the solutions to fix this error. 


How to Fix VyvyManga Not Working?

1. Restart Your Device

The first and quick fix for VyvyManga not working issue is simply restarting your device. This is by far the quickest method to fix such common errors on devices. 

You can reboot your PC system as well if you are using the VyvyManga on your computer system. Try out this simple method to fix VyvyManga Not Working. If this doesn’t work for you, jump on to the next one 

2. Check if VyvyManga is Down

There could be a server issue from the provider’s side. Make sure that VyvyManga is down by checking out whether it is a server issue! There are many sources available on the web that can help you find out whether a particular server is down! This helps you determine what actually causes the real issue!

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3. Try Out a Different Web Browser

We all use multiple web browsers on our PC and mobile device to surf the web and do other web activities. Sometimes the existing browser may not work properly and for that reason, you should try it on a different web browser. 

Moreover, some browsers don’t allow you to explore geo-restricted content. Geo-restriction prevents you from opening websites from a particular location. 

To eradicate such problems, install a new web browser if there is no secondary web browser app available on your system. If you are using Google Chromecast and if VyvyManga is not working on it, use Firefox or Opera, or any other web browser. 

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4. Clear the Cookies and Cache Memory

Your browser saves junk data from your previous browsing. By clearing the junk data saved as cache memory and cookies, you can resolve many browsing-related problems. The different browser requires you to follow different methods to clear cache memory and cookies. 

Visit the browser’s homepage and click the Settings icon. Select Advanced Settings and locate clear browsing data, select cache and cookies from the options, and delete the data by clicking on the Clear Data button. 

clear chrome data

Once you clear the cache and cookies of your web browser, you need to relaunch the browser once. The issue should be resolved! 

5. Disable Ad-Blocker Extension

We all use ad-blocker extensions to block annoying advertisements while browsing websites. Advertisements can invite many problems including malware attacks and virus attacks on your computer system. 

Since VyvyManga’s website supports advertisements which is their core revenue model, when you use an ad-blocker, the site might not work properly. You might not be allowed to open the site and this will stop you from browsing the site and its data. 

When you disable the ad-blocker extension, there will be no such issues as you are now allowing the website to showcase the advertisements and other promotional links associated with them. Make sure to disable the ad-blocker extension and see if the problem is resolved! 

To disable the ad-blocker extension on your Google Chrome browser, follow the below-given simple steps! 

  • Click the three-dot icon from the upper right corner.
  • Locate the More Tools option from the drop-down menu and select the Extensions option from the sub-menu.

disable adblocker extensions

  • You will see a list of extensions that are currently active, simply disable the ad-blocker extension by clicking on the toggle button (OFF).

disable extensions

  • Once done, close down the browser app and restart it again.

6. Disable VPN

Virtual Private Network is a secure way to browse geo-restricted websites. It helps you to browse the web anonymously and also prevents your system from getting hacked. 

Sometimes, the VPN server gets down and it slows down the entire web activities. This will prevent you from accessing VyvyManga’s website. If you are connected with VPN, make sure to disable the connection first. When you disable the connection, you will not face any such issues!

OpenAI API Is Not Available In Your Country

To disable VPN, open the VPN app or if you are using its extension, open it via the browser’s extension. On the homepage, you will see a big shutdown button. Click the Shutdown button to disable the VPN on your system. 


That’s how you can fix VyvyManga Not Working problem while surfing the MangaOwl website or using it on your device. Try out the above-given solutions one-by-one to fix this issue. 

Most of the VyvyManga users have been able to fix this error by following these methods. If you are unlucky and still facing the same issue, you can select the Contact Us page from VyvyManga’s official website and share your issue. They will help you to fix the issue you are facing! 


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