HBO Max Not Working on Roku? Here’s How to Fix!


Roku users are now eligible to access HBO Max which became available after a long time. HBO Max is one of the most popular entertainment platforms globally. People love to watch movies on this platform. HBO Max was not available on Roku but after some time the officials of Roku announced the availability of the platform on Roku.

Well, HBO Max is available on Roku but plenty of users found some glitches while using it. In this discussion, we’re going to examine the ways by which you can easily fix HBO Max not working on Roku problem easily.

Fix HBO Max Not Working On Roku

How to Fix HBO Max Not Working On Roku?

If HBO Max is not working on Roku then here we have got some methods to solve this issue easily. So, without making a further delay, here we go:

1. Reboot your Modem and Restart the Roku app

Rebooting your modem and restarting your Roku app will be very beneficial for you to remove some glitches while using the platform. If HBO Max is not working properly in your app then close the Roku app and restart it. Well, this can be your solution but if this problem is not sorted yet then you can also restart your device or choose the system restart option.

If the problem still occurs then you should uninstall the app and reinstall the Roku app on your device. You can also visit the settings and select the option of System settings. Now, select the “System restart” option and proceed to Next. Also, check out How to Turn Off Your Roku Device?

2. Update the Roku

Sometimes the older version of the Roku App will also generate this problem of no working channels on the platform. To operate HBO Max in your Roku application you must have the Roku 9.3 version or later.

Some users are still using the Roku 2500 model which is not capable of operating HBO Max. So, update your system to the latest update. Now, Roku is operating in the Roku 9.4 model and to operate HBO Max properly you must need the Roku 9.3 update. So, if you’re facing a problem then updating your Roku can be a better solution for you.

To update your Roku App, open the Roku application and select the option of settings. Now, find the option of “System” and click on it. Here, you’ll see the option of “Updates” and make click on it.

Update Roku - HBO Not Working On roku device

3. Disable VPN

If you’re using VPN then immediately disable it. To operate the Roku application on your device your network connection should be from the US and your IP address should be the original. If you use any VPN to access the HBO Max channel on Roku then you’ll see an error message on your screen. Also, check out How to Get Discovery Plus On Roku?

4. Remove and Reinstall HBO Max

The above-discussed ways are effective and surely solve your problem but if you’re still facing the problem then you can try re-adding the channel to your Roku TV. This means that you have to uninstall and reinstall the HBO Max application. Follow the steps below to know-how:

  • Firstly, press the Home button on your Roku remote.
  • Once the home page of Roku will open on your screen then navigate to the option of streaming channels.
  • Now, open the channel store. Here, you have to locate the HBO Max channel and confirm your channel choice.
  • A menu will open on our screen where you just have to select the option of “Remove Channel“.

HBO Max Not Working On Roku - Remove Channel

Hence, the HBO Max channel will be removed from Roku. It’s time to re-add the HBO Max.

  • Firstly, open your phone and launch HBO max on it. Go to the settings section and select the “Settings” option.
  • Go to the “Devices” option and sign out of the app from all devices.
  • Remove the HBO max app from Roku also and close the Roku app.
  • Now, restart the Roku App and reinstall the HBO max application in it.

5. Clear the Cache

Sometimes heavy cache will also be a reason for having problems while operating the Roku device. See the steps below to know how you can clean his cache.

  • Firstly, navigate to your home screen and select the HBO Max Channel.
  • Now, you have to remove the channel. To remove the channel you just have to press the asterisk button and select the removed channel.
  • Lastly, select the option of clearing cache.

You have to restart your device and hence your cache is cleared. Also, check out How to Fix Disney Plus Keeps Changing Language?


So, here we have discussed the various ways to fix the HBO Max not working on Roku. I am sure that your problem will get solved after completing one of the above-discussed solutions. If you’re still facing problems then we suggest you contact Roku’s customer support.


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