Is traveling with the FireStick Possible?


After a tiring day at work, the Amazon FireStick is wonderful for letting you unwind. Even if you’re on the road, it’s the ideal way to cap off a fruitful, thrilling day. 

The Amazon FireStick is an ideal streaming device that enables users to stream content from any online streaming service via a compatible television. The FireStick has an inbuilt storage capacity of 8 GB, 1 GB of RAM, and a VideoCore4 GPU and can be used for content storage purposes. 

can you travel with firestick

It is a well-known device worldwide because it can also run third-party Android applications like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney +. However, many people worry or are unsure how to utilize their Amazon FireStick efficiently while on the go.

Can I Use a FireStick while Traveling?

Fortunately, you can use the device while you’re on the go, and occasionally, you can acquire brand-new content. As a result, your trip will be much more enjoyable. Apart from the United States of America, you can use the FireStick in various other nations. 

However, you could face a severe compromise in FireStick’s features. Even though it is possible to use the FireStick by changing your geolocation, some services still remain geo-restricted. Simply put, you probably wouldn’t be able to use FireStick to access American Netflix or HBO GO. 

It can be captivating, in this case, to learn that all of your data can still be accessible to you from anywhere in the world. All you are required to do is set up a VPN. Here is a comprehensive guide about taking your Amazon Fire TV Stick on a trip to assist you:

What Makes FireStick Ideal for Commuting?

Traveling is costly, and if you’re going abroad, you’ll have to pay more to watch premium cable, which will add to your expenses. Just pause and think about why you would want to pay for a network you already have at home. 

The FireStick can be transported with you and used to watch content from all over the globe without incurring additional costs. With 12 international sites to reach customers worldwide, Amazon is constantly looking to grow its business. 

You can switch your region from the gadget settings if you want to use the FireStick overseas, or you can use a Virtual private network to make the procedure simple for you.

Benefits of Traveling with your FireStick

You can install apps for FireStick in addition to Amazon entertainment, as mentioned earlier in the post, but there is a high chance of facing geo-restrictions. For instance, YouTube only approved specific content from certain countries. 

There is no assurance that you can access the same media when you move internationally. Thus the VPN enters the picture, removing any restrictions or limitations and allowing you to stream anything from wherever freely. Following are some advantages of taking an Amazon FireStick during overseas travel:

  • There is no additional fee for the content.
  • You can use your FireStick’s Plug and Play function to watch saved material directly from your device.
  • You can view the information in your native tongue.
  • You won’t need to speed through settings because the UI will be the same.

Using the FireStick with a VPN when Traveling

A VPN will handle the job on your behalf if you wish to operate the FireStick overseas. Your IP address will be redirected to a target location through a VPN. 

For instance, some services or applications are only available in a particular nation or region. Using a VPN to access that website or application will hide your location from the internet service provider, allowing you to access that site or application ambiguously. 

By simply adjusting the geolocation to that country’s location, you can use the FireStick to stream from any country. However, you must note that using a VPN may slow down your internet connection by 10-20%. VPNs are not typically free. However, many of them provide trial versions that last for a month. 

Most people seem to take one-to-two weeks trips overseas. If so, you are free to use any VPN’s preview version and then uninstall it when you reach home. 

If you’re wondering whether it’s lawful to use a VPN or not, the answer is yes. Unless used for illicit purposes, employing a VPN is legitimate in the majority of countries.

Wrap Up

This brings us to the conclusion of today’s post explaining the idea of traveling with your FireStick. Regardless of the country, you travel to, following the guidelines mentioned above would enable you not to miss any of your favorite shows.


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