How to Get Crunchyroll Free Trial?


Crunchyroll is a US-based anime streaming site that telecasts series of anime, manga, and drama-centric content from East Asia. The successful implementation of Crunchyroll can be seen through the love of over a million registered users who are looking for the process to get Crunchyroll free trial.

The users reciprocate the love as they get to view 50 different manga titles along with 1000 anime shows Crunchyroll has to offer. You have access to simulcasts besides watching your favorite series such as Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, just an hour after being released in Japan. In short, there is a long list of unending content.

how to get crunchyroll free trial

Crunchyroll – The never ending craze

It is true that the craze for the streaming service has reached alarmingly high proportions of late. This was certainly unthinkable a decade back. Likewise, it has also started a healthy competition with the popularity of Hulu. However, Crunchyroll seems to be flying high with its undisputable supply of exciting anime that is hard to resist.

Viewers find ‘something’ exciting for themselves from Japanese shows and films to Asian dramas too. As, the library has so much to offer in an easy manner thanks to them being subtitled, dubbed, or translated into a variety of prevailing languages in the world. Let’s now take a look at the following steps to get Crunchyroll free trial.

Crunchyroll Subscription Plans

Since signing up for a free plan is like getting access to a small portion of the content without any commitment. As you are watching content on the Crunchyroll platform, all of a sudden, you are forced to watch an ad in between. Then one can easily understand the level of frustration that you will be surrounded by. Hence, there is always an option for the Crunchyroll Premium plan that goes smoothly with no ads. You can access the complete library of manga and anime with the premium plan too.

Crunchyroll is based on three subscription plans namely Fan, Mega Fan, and Ultimate Fan


While Fan plan is the cheapest of all which charges $7.00 monthly. You get smooth and unlimited access to content without interruptions, just an hour later of its release in Japan. However, you are entitled to use one device.


The Mega Fan plan charges $9.99 monthly while entitling you to enjoy streaming up to 4 devices as well as the convenience of watching offline. The Megaplan is an ideal choice when you are sharing an account with multiple users who watch from different devices simultaneously. Thanks to offline viewing, you can equally have the convenience of watching even without Wi-Fi in case you are traveling.


The ultimate plan costs $14.99 and you can watch in up to 6 devices. Also, check out Free Crunchyroll Accounts: Usernames & Password

How to Get Crunchyroll Free Trial?

The users need to register on its official website. Let’s know the steps in their simplified manner:

  • Visit Crunchyroll website’s Home Page
  • On the top side of the page, you need to choose either of the options that say ‘Try Free’ or ‘Premium’.
  • Select the specific membership that you prefer and then Click on the button that says, “Start 14 days Free Trial”.
  • The website will automatically direct you to the page where you have to “Create Account”.
  • Enter the confidential credentials such as email and password, you also have to type in the credit card details.
  • Now, in the last step, in the bottom right corner of the website, you see a button that says “Start Free Trial”, so click on the same.

This is how your free trial to view a series of exciting and happening content starts. Also, check out How to Get Crunchyroll Guest Pass For Free in 2024?

crunchyroll premium trial

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the 14-day free trial period?

In order to avail of the 14-day trial period, simply, create an account and choose the preferred membership. There is an option of “Try Free Premium” on the Crunchyroll website and after choosing the specific plan of membership, go ahead with 14-day free trial. You can cancel anytime within the trial period or else you will be charged for the consecutive months, till you cancel. Also, as per the company policy, you have to agree to the terms and privacy policy. There is also an age restriction where you need to be at least 16 years of age.

Is it good to pay for Crunchyroll?

If you are an anime lover and have a hidden hunger, then go ahead to pay for the Crunchyroll subscription. Others may be more inclined towards Hulu due to its comprising of popular anime and simulcasts. However, one thing is clear, Crunchyroll has a wonderfully big library.

Does Crunchyroll automatically change a free membership into a paid one?

Crunchyroll expects the users to cancel the membership before the 14-day trial period is over if they don’t want the paid membership. That’s the only sign of authentication and signal that the streaming site gets from the registered users. Otherwise, they are bound to convert it automatically, without intimating. They will charge you regularly for every 30 days, unless and until you cancel the service.


Finally, the aforesaid post helps you to know how to get Crunchyroll free trial. The craze for Crunchyroll is proof that people are crazy about it. The easy process hardly takes much time for viewers to access so much content that it is hard for you to overlook.


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