Download Cisco Packet Tracer v7.1 for Free (Updated 2024)


For the students who are studying CCNA and CCNP, Cisco packet tracer, developed by the Cisco team, is the tool used for the practical purposes of switching, networking, internet, and routing. It helps in the clear visualization of all your activities during the networking sessions. It’s one amazing tool for bracing the real-life networking issues. The tool makes it very simple for the students to solve or practice technical networking skill in the best possible way.

Cisco Packet Tracer is totally free to download the program for everyone. It can be easily downloaded by the self-learners just by registering on the Cisco Netacad website. The major change of this software is it will enable each person a simple access, unlike its older versions that were available only for the Netacad students or instructors. More, you will know how to download the Cisco packet tracer and what the tool needs to offer you.

cisco packet tracer download

What’s Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 Version?

Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 Version is the tool developed by the Cisco team for students who want to study CCNP and CCNA. It is been used for a very long time now to practice different things related to the routing, networking, and internet. Using Cisco Packet Tracer, one can access the unlimited number of networks by using various devices. This program simulates real-life network issues and you need to solve them. The instructors also can use the tool to create certain assignments and give it to their students. Students may use this tool to complete their assignments.

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What is New in Cisco Packet 7.1 Version?

In the 7.1 version, Cisco team has made many changes and fixing several minor & major bugs. There were certain things that were left in the earlier version. They also have added that features and other benefits and it includes:

  • Tables and Racks are added very fast.
  • It gives you controls and flexibility than before.
  • It has begun to support the MQTT protocol.
  • You may install or uninstall tabs within some seconds.
  • Exporting projects at .pkg format is simple.

Requirements for Downloading Cisco Packet Tracer Version

Suppose you’re set to download Cisco Packet Tracer, ensure your computer should have all the requirements that are given:

  • The processor should be 2.0 GHz.
  • Intel Pentium 4 and later is important
  • RAM should be equivalent to over 512MB and more.
  • Display Size 1024×768 pixels.
  • You should have 1GB of free internal storage.

Download Cisco Packet Tracer Version 7.1

Windows 32 bit Windows 64 bit Linux 64 bit

What One Can Use the Cisco Packet Tracer New Version for?

  • You can learn some valuable experience that is applied to real-life problems and projects.
  • You may design, build and configure networks with the drag and drop devices.
  • You will customize the learning scenarios through the activity wizard. The real-time feedback also is possible to create multiple learning packet tracer
  • This supports the multiple protocols of the technologies that are given by the Cisco CCNA security and IT essential resources.
  • Community feature for learning methodology, sharing ideas, or practices with instructors.
  • You may easily monitor the real-life dynamic transfers, transfers logistics and many more.
  • Supports the multiple plugins & extended API framework.
  • Multi-user collaboration and where you may compete to improve your abilities.
  • This tool allows the greater scope of the alterations for rack & stack problems
  • You may add tables or rack
  • It can help you to develop critical thinking or problem-solving skills
  • Different elements can help you to add the optional association between physical & logical devices
  • It supports the MQTT protocol
  • Projects are saved in the .pkg format easily
  • Installing or uninstalling programming tabs also is simple

Bottom Line

Well, all these were some steps that can help you install new Cisco Packet Tracer tool on your device. And I hope the guide has helped you in doing so.  The new version has got different bug fixes that make it much better than the older version of this software. You can find all these features very helpful as well as apt for using the tool. Cisco Packet Tracer tool is one fantastic program that accessible very easily for all.


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