Is Philo Free with Amazon Prime?


Are you wondering if Philo is free with Amazon Prime? If so, you’re not alone. In this article, we will provide you with the answers you want. Stay with us throughout the discussion, and let’s explore whether Philo comes free with Prime Video. Read on carefully to find out the details.

What is Philo?

Philo is recognized as a subscription-based video streaming platform that provides access to more than 70 television network channels and Live TV facilities.

what is philo

Users of Philo can also access on-demand services without the hassle of using a cord connection.

Users can access the services of this platform on various devices like Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and others.

This platform has many high-quality channels of different genres and several free TV networks. Let us tell you that it is not a free platform. Users who want to access Philo’s services must purchase their dedicated subscription plan.

Philo Premium Plans

If any user wants to use the premium features and network access of Philo, they need to buy a dedicated subscription plan. The complete plan of Philo where users can access more than 70 television channels will cost you around $25 per month.

New users can experience Philo’s interface with a free 7-day trial facility. Also, the Philo app has many other plans available for users who want to use a specific genre of Philo content.

Is Philo Free With Amazon Prime

Is Philo free with Amazon Prime?

Many people claim they’ll get a dedicated free subscription to Philo with Amazon Prime. So, many people ask how they can access Philo’s free subscription with Amazon Prime.

Philo is indeed available on Amazon Prime and users can access Philo after buying an Amazon Prime subscription but to access the content and services offered by them they need to pay the dedicated subscription amount.

If you have an Amazon Prime account then you can access the Philo account but to experience the premium quality content of Philo, you need to buy a dedicated subscription to Philo to get its access to Amazon Print or Firesticks.

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How to Watch Philo For Free?

If you’re a new user and want to check the features and services offered by Philo to check whether it is worth it for you or not, you go with a dedicated 7-day free trial service. This service is only allowed for new users who can get access to the premium section of Philo for 7 days.

In these 7 days, they can use all the services of Philo without paying any amount and after 7 days your subscription plan gets started automatically. Follow the steps below to know how you can watch Philo for free:

  • Firstly, you need to visit Philo’s official website. Make sure that you have an active internet and a trusted web browser.
  • You need to find the “Start a free trial” option at this step. This option is available at the center of your screen.

philo 7 days free trial

  • Click on it and enter your email and phone number.
  • You must select the “Subscription plan” and initiate a subscription at this step.
  • Lastly, you’ll get a confirmation link via phone and email and after verifying the information your 7-day free trial will be completed.

Make sure that you’ve followed every step as mentioned above. Once your subscription is completed, you can use the premium features of Philo for free for the next 7 days.

Final Words

Philo is a great platform to watch your favorite content without interruption. If you want to experience it for free then you can access a 7-day free trial of it, otherwise, you can also buy the subscription which is not costly and use it.

You cannot access the Philo app for free with Amazon Prime. So, you need to buy Philo’s premium plan. So, go visit the official website of Philo and buy the Philo plan now, or start your 7-day free trial if you’re a new user.


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